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MyDay - Presentation

No description

Lahav Zeno

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of MyDay - Presentation

The World Our World The Problem The Solution Market Business Model Competitors Executive Summery We are all wants to store and remember our past And Them... Its Me & You! Social Media Market Market Revenues Big(huge) Money Forecast Cooperation Revenue Model Bussiness Plan Our Competitors Facebook Day One - Journal Youtube, Twitter Organize makes all the difference Actually all of us! Well, We are all want to remember special days Or to file tones of data But who has the energy to sit and write it in a diary It takes HOURS!!! MyDay is the perfect solution for you...
It allows you: Document and store your special days
It gathers the information automatically from the web
Then create custom designed day memory
Generating your Lifetime Story
All you got its to enjoy the stored memories, and Share it with your family and friends And all that by a single click! Have your status and pictures,
But have you ever tried to scroll back your Timeline
and watch a particular day???

if so, the days in the timeline have no priority.
My birthday is represented as same as yesterday which was just a regular day.... None of these "competitors" gathers the information as MyDay.....
your information is already over the web anyway, so why not to use it...? MyDay Business Plan Timeline of the success MyDay Precise Ads Printed souvenirs Lifestory books Identity profile merchant We believe that the big market players such as Facebook and Google will want to share identities information.
We will have plenty of information and Beyond this, this is a solid ground for co operational businesses. ROI in 2 Years!!! profile data on our users.
That Data worth Money! Q1 and Q2 are Designated for developing and stabilization the product Q3 - launching the product invitational based to create a bazz and test the services. Q4 and beyond - Lifting off to reviving social emotions and make some money!!! Money Time Investment Request 1,750,000 NIS Profit starts in Q3 ROI in 2 Years!! Financial Plan - 12 Months Anyone asked market growth? A 400% increase in Google Trends interest
Between 2009-2013 Social Media Ad Spend to Reach $8.3 Billion by 2015 - MarketingProfs U.S. social media ad revenues to reach $9.2 billion in 2016, up from $4.6 billion
in 2012, representing a compound annual growth rate of 19.2 percent
BIA/Kelsey There will be a massive 1.83 billion social network users in 2013

Representing a 19.2 percent increase over 2012 figures

Emarketer We provide a truly unique product in the landscape of social media companies Customers Our costumers are located within the various age spectrum of 13 - 80 We predict that the ages of 20-50 will be more active because of their memories value aware. MyDay Let us doing the hard work! Based on 2 4 5 Choose an important day
Vacation Register Choose a template We will do the rest! Connect to your social media accounts
Connect to public data sources
Mix and match the data to make a perfect match for You!
Create a beautiful page for your day
Create a customized interactive Timeline.

On your TV
With your family
On your PC
With your friends
Have FUN!

And never forget a thing! Now what you got to do is... Html 5
Moblie App
Cross platform Website
jQuery View your album in presentation mode! This Iphone based app, let you to journal. Enter your memories, ideas, events and photos to have them synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud or Dropbox.

But as Diary, it take time.... a lot of Time!!!
(and it's closed platform based) Same as Facebook..... they are all focusing in being used as storage and spreading platforms.... but not in organizing your data and prioritizing it... MyDay is an memories network. d We using crossed web collected data from feeds like: Facebook
Weather There are no alternative services over the web The revenues are based on a precised ads customized by generated user profiles and interest for each end user. Investment needed 1,750,000NIS - ROI in 2 Years Thank you! The Revenues are based on calculated clicks for Ads - incoming 1.5NIS per click. Share an shared occasion with friends and increase the data available which correlated both of you.
Let you change the page as YOU like! The Team A Devoted team with highly technical skills and motivation. All of the members have more than 5 years of field experience in web development. CEO - Lahav CFO - Yan CTO - Roman Team Lahav Zeno
Ariel Rozanski
Yan Askenfeld
Liron Cohen
Erez Melniaker Chief Programer - Dor
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