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The Unwanteds

No description


on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of The Unwanteds

At the beggining of the book, Alex becomes an Unwanted, and discovers Artimé. Meanwhile, Aaron becomes Wanted, and begins his plan to become the leader of Quill
Of The Unwanteds
The Unwanteds
Alex Stowe has light blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair. He is loyal to his friends, kind, and is artistic. However, he gets stressed easily, and has a temper. If you meet him, don’t upset him, because he is a strong mage.

Alex Stowe
Aaron Stowe is Alex Stowe’s identical twin. He is a Wanted and Goody two-shoes who reports people who are creative. (They get sent to the death farm). He Has been reporting people since he was 6. Aaron is looking to be the next ruler of Quill. If you get in the way, Aaron will find a way to dispose of you.

Aaron Stowe
Lani is the second youngest person to be purged, the youngest being her 10 year old brother. She excells at all the arts except drama. She is a good worker of magic, so don't get her mad. She will get even with you and then some.
Lani Haluki
Of the Unwanteds
In the middle, Alex starts learning magic, ut is longing to see his brother, so he starts painting a 3D door to go and visit him. He goes and visits Aaron, but he thinks it is just a dream. Aaron and Justine go to Artimé. Then they begin preperation for war.
At this point the war between Quill and Artimé begins. The Quillitary recieves huge blows, because the Artiméans are better warriors. Alex and Mr.Today go to the palace in Quill, where Aaron almost kills Alex. Mr.Today rushes Alex to the hospital in Artimé. Later, Mr.Today meets Justine. She yells threats multiple times. Lani hears this and goes to find out what it is. Then Lani kills her. If you want to learn more... read the book!
Samheed always wanted to be in the Quillitary, so when he became Unwanted, it was a huge shock. At Artimé, Samheed teams up with Will Blair, and they begin a plan to kill Aaron Stowe. They fail and Will is killed by his father. Samheed has dark hair and a temper.
Samheed Burkish
Marcus Today
Marcus Today is the Mage of Artimé, He creayed all the statues, the house, and Artimé itself! His twin sister is High Priest Justine, who rules over Quill. He is an extremly powerful mage, and helps win the war against Quill.
He is old and kind, with dark, greying hair.
Maghan Ranger
Meghan was declared unwanted the same year Alex was. Her infracture was singing into a hairbrush.
Meghan lived next door to Alex and Aaron, and Alex is friends with her.
She was the first in her group of friends o start learning magic.
She has red hair and light skin.
Justine Today
of the Unwanteds
Artimé is the Death Farm and vise versa.
It is a magical world where creatures such as Beavops, Squirrelicorns, and Platyprots roam freely. It has a HUGE mansion. The rooms in the mansion are very large, and they have all sorts of gadgets, from nessecities like a bathroom and bed to strange things, like transport tubes and talking blackboards. It has a beach, lagoon, jungle, and a lawn where residents can have picnics or play games.

Bedrooms in Artimé are supplied with whatever the occupant enjoys. Since Alex is an artist, he finds pencils, paint, paper, and brushes. A room calls out to its occupant when he or she passes by.
Quill is the island where the book of The Unwanteds take place. It is very dry and desolate. Most of the vehicles are very old because Quill has blocked off communications with the other islands around making trade impossible which they ran out of their natural materials. Every year they have a purging of 13 year olds becoming unwanteds, necessaries, and wanteds. Wanteds will go to the university while the neccesaries will work on farms and other chores the wanteds don't do. Unwanteds will go to death farm a.k.a. Artime. Most neccesaries left Quill when Artime was discovered, infurating the wanteds, but came back when Artime lost it mage which meant Artime was no more.
This book and series is a fantsy fiction. It teaches that you should trust your friends, and that you love your family, no matter how stupid and evil they are.
I think this is an AMAZING book, and it's only the start. I like it because I like magic and I like art. This books puts it together, so it is PERFECT!!! 4 of 7 books are out, so I can't wait till the rest come out! I think everyone will enjoy this series.
Justine is Marcus' twin sister. They were exploring and found Quill. She wanted to take over, so Marcus eraed every Quillian memory, so that they would "know" that Justine is in charge. Justine is a scary looking person with greying hair.
I rate it 1000 out of 10, because I can't even begin to describe how much i like this book!!!
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