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July 24 CHECK Up Prezi (MH and PCP)

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Kate Wasserman

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of July 24 CHECK Up Prezi (MH and PCP)

#1: To understand the elements of early childhood mental health.

#2: To understand the elements early childhood service system within southern Maryland.

#3 To understand the impact of trauma on young children and families.

#4 To understand methods to partner with PCPs to better identify and address early childhood mental health concerns and needs.

Thank you for joining our CHECK Up Learning Community.

We will be in touch about other training opportunities, online resources, webinars, etc.
Check-In Regarding Learning Goals
Please check the BHIPP website for more information, presentation slides and resources.

Early Childhood Mental Health Case-Based Learning
You selected personal learning goals - how has this process been for you?
Have you called the line?
- what was that like?
- if not yet, what was the barrier?
Have you talked more with MHC in your community?
Other gains?
Tell us about you, and your role within early childhood.

Growing an Early Childhood Community of Practice
Who are the adults that you work to support?

Defining Resilience
We would like to hear from you about your training interests:
- in person
- brief webinars
- multi-disciplinary
Tell us about your
roles and existing community of practice.
- What is working?
- What could be more connected?
Understanding the Impact of Trauma and How to Intervene
First, a primer on addressing trauma in families:
So, with that in mind, here's the case:
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