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The Dominican Republic

No description

Sharon Whightsil

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic
Facts about
life in the
Dominican Republic
Where is the Dominican Republic?
The Dominican Republic is an island in the Caribbean Sea.
What does
the flag look like?
The flag is red, white, and blue with the country's coat of arms in the middle.
Blue is for liberty.
Red is for the
sacrifice of heroes.
White is for salvation.
What do they eat?
What do they
like to do?
People in the Dominican Republic love to dance merengue and play baseball.
What is the country like?
What are missionaries doing in the Dominican Republic?
Missionaries are helping the people of the Dominican Republic learn more about Jesus.
They help teachers at Lutheran Schools.
They help train new pastors.
They run VBS and baseball camps for the children.
They help everyone stay healthy.
They help children with disabilities learn new things.
Merengue Dancer Paper Dolls
Mangu is a common food made with
plantains, onions, and bacon or sausage.
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