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The EE: Finding Sources, Research Strategies, and More


Ann Libbey

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of The EE: Finding Sources, Research Strategies, and More

Your mentor and library staff are here to
help you along the way!

The IB Extended Essay...
Meet often with your mentor!
Academic Honesty

40 hours of work
"... strive to find relevant information from a diverse range of sources."
Database Search Strategies
Getting Started:

Up to 4000 words

Not enough sources to support your topic? Your question may be too narrow.
Too many sources? Your question may be too broad

protects the author's "intellectual property;"
leads the reader to additional sources;
lends authority to your own research and ideas.
Acknowledging the work of others...
Start early!
Know your deadline!
Know your assessment and
subject criteria!
View an interview with
a former EE student about process:
The Research Question:
ask a question, or present an analysis, about your topic
be stated in the introduction/title of your essay, and analyzed throughout the body of your paper
be neither too broad nor too narrow
Your research question should ...
Source: International Baccalaureate. Extended Essay Guide, 2012
Books and eBooks
Journal articles
Newspaper articles
Web sites (government, organizational, corporate, etc.)
Strive for a mix of ...
Works Cited from books and articles
Google Scholar
the CHS catalog and databases
the public library catalog and databases
the New York Public Library databases
WorldCat and local college collections
Email experts
Where to Search ...
Use the
Advanced Search
Most database have an advanced search option.
Use this option to construct a more sophisticated search strategy. Combine search terms and add additional information
such as a date range to find more focused, relevant information.
Choose effective
Consider all possible words, phrases and synonyms. (Example: 'teenagers,' 'adolescents,' 'youth.')
Scan your initial results for additional keywords
and subject terms.
Staying Organized
Store Searches in
database folders
Most databases allow you to create an account and store searches and articles
to a personal folder. Creating an account is quick and easy,
and will help you keep track of your sources.
Create a project in NoodleTools where you can cite and annotate valuable sources.


Use the 'permanent' or 'durable' URL when linking database journal articles to NoodleTools.
This will allow to access the article directly at a later time.

◾What is the 1994 rate of juvenile delinquency in the U.S.?
◾What can we do to reduce juvenile delinquency in the U.S.?
◾Does education play a role in reducing juvenile delinquents' return to crime?

for communication, dates and deadlines, EE Guides and Handbook,
and citation tools.
"An authentic piece of work is one that is based on the candidate’s individual and original ideas ..." - IBO
"Where sources are used or referred to, whether in the form of a direct quotation or paraphrase, such sources must be fully and appropriately acknowledged." - IBO
Consult the
CHS Library IB Extended Essay Research Guide
to find a variety of sources:
Click on the Search Strategies for more search tips
How do I cite?

ManageBac - EasyBib MLA
Purdue OWL Style Guide (Destiny Homepage)
While conducting your research, assess the following ...



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