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The Temperance Movement

No description

David Sillhart

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of The Temperance Movement

The Temperance Movement
Team Info
The Temperance Movement
Temperance is the trait of being the opposite of a drunkard and of gluttony.
Alcohol was mostly opposed by women because of the mistreatment. Since they had little rights they could do little to fight back.
Key Reformers
Why? Part 2
Reformer Expert~Owen Margolis
PT. Barnum

Neal Dow

The Washingtonians
Project Manager~Noelle Simard
P.T. Barnum
Barnum was famous for showing pro-temperance plays and films such as, "The Drunkard" in his American Museum.

"-more than three-fourths of crime and vagrancy, and more than seven-eights of the cases of bloodshed and murdering in our state and country being traceable directly to this source[alcohol]"


Neal Dow

Dow stuck with the Temperance movement early on, after years of traveling the world giving speeches, he became Mayor of Portland, Maine.

He thought that as long as liquor was permitted, the labor could not be expected to do much.
The Washingtonians
The Washingtonians started out when a group of 6 heavy drinkers gave up alcohol . Their goal was to give up drinking by relying on each other to help.

#temperancemovement #noliquor #voteforprohibition
The Temperance movement was when people began to see the effects of alcohol abuse and began to worry about what it was doing to people. In response to this increase in abuse the American Temperance Society was formed and wanted people who consumed alcohol to stop and the substance be banished from consumption.
6 min
1810 doctors told patients that drinking alcohol was like drinking poison.
They claimed that alcohol caused poverty, violence, social problems, and crime.
People drank liquor all the time. People feared that drunkenness would destroy the law, society, the economy, and posterity. When men were drunk they could not make the best decisions which threatened the voting system.

While showing plays, he sold no drinks, instead he offered free water for everyone. He also required a fee for reentering the museum so people wouldn't go out for a drink during breaks.
"At the end of the 19th century, Americans spent over a billion dollars on alcohol each year, compared to $900 million on meat, and less than 200 million on public education." -WCTU
Technology Guru~ David Sillhart


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Just had to throw out 11 people from my theater, they snuk in that poisonous alcohol. The @temperancemovement is bigger than all of us.

Come see the new play "The Drunkard" at my theater tomorrow. No alcohol. You will see, you only need water.

I am coming out to publicly support temperance and prohibition. You should follow @temperancemovement #temperancemovement

Apposing drinking yet again! Follow and join @temperancemovement!
P.T. Barnum
@ptbarnum Bethel, Connecticut
I am a man for temperance (against alcohol)
DOB: July 5, 1810

The Washingtonians are officially a group , we aren't like other groups, we accept you and will help you become abstinent
April 5,1840

The Washingtonians have finally gotten to 1,000! We will accept anyone willing to try their hardest to become abstinent. It is more mental than physical.
April 5, 1841

The Washingtonians is a great knew idea. Anyone in Baltimore come see Mitchell, Hoss, Anderson, Steer, Campell, or M'Curdy to find out more.
April 2, 1840
Abraham Lincoln to he Washingtonians I am ready to give my speech tomorrow, when should I be there?
February 21, 1842

The Washingtonians are still helping thousands to stop drinking, and become abstinent! You should join to.
April 2, 1843



April 2, 1840
Balitmore, Maryland
Poke message

View photos of Washingtonians (5)

The Washingtonians are still helping thousands to stop drinking and become absinent! You should join to.

The Washingtonians







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The Washingtonians continued to gain followers and managed to reach out to thousands of drinkers.

They shared experiences together and encouraged mutual aid. Their strategy was to focus on the individual drinker's problems instead of society's problems.
Once he became Mayor, He helped establish laws banning alcohol through Maine legislature. His bill was called "The Maine Law" which made alcohol illegal in the state of Maine, and eventually passed on to other states.
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