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Insight Arts

Final Presentation

Matt Graham

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Insight Arts

Insight Arts is a contemporary arts organization dedicated to increasing access to cultural work that supports progressive social change. Our unique organizational model allows us to engage in community based, regional and national work. We organize our work around three core values:
1. Access to information, education and art is a basic human right.
2. Meaningful social change is dependent on the creation of cooperative social and political structures.
3. Time for contemplation and analysis is crucial to community and individual empowerment.
Research -Internet
-News Media -Other Resources Plan Objectives Increase program participation through
enhanced social media outlets

Increase media coverage in March and April

Hold an event at Loyola Target Publics Local Rogers Park Community

-Demographic Characteristics
-Lifestyle Values
Message Art is a Human Right

Make Art the Heart of the Community

Insight Arts: Celebrate. Educate. Liberate. Media •Newspapers: Use local newspapers, features and calendar events. .
•Radio: Create ongoing PSA
•Internet: Update website, newsletter, blog, enhance social media
•Direct Mail: Use mailing list to contact consistent participants in upcoming events or use donor mailing list to update on current organization situation and ask for donations.
•Posters/Fliers: Fliers around campuses and in the community raising awareness.
•Interpersonal: Word of mouth
Event Create panel discussion at
Loyola focusing on the
film, Avatar.

Advertise through Facebook,
local events calendars, and
digital screens around Loyola.

Also create flyers to put around
campus and in local spots. Timetable March: create fliers and posters to put around Loyola campus and the Roger’s park community, update social media outlets and plan April Discussion Event.

April: hold a panel discussion of Avatar at Loyola on April 13th.
Budget Specific Expenses:
•Printing estimated cost, at Loyola printing center
(500-1,000 brochures): $250
•Snacks for event estimated cost: $100

Possible Donations
•Room at Loyola for discussion
•Teacher panel
•Printing fee, if done at Loyola
•Lemonade, Pretzels and Cookies for event

Implementation EVENT Panelists Evaluation Specific Results Increase program participation through
enhanced social media outlets

Increase media coverage in March and April

Hold an event at Loyola Measuring Future Results Conclusion! High Fives All Around! Feature Story Aislinn Pulley
PSA Created 2 PSAs Left Insight Arts with new materials and
contacts that we hope will serve them
well in the future.
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