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GM Food

An eye opening prezi on the reality of GM foods

Alka Benawra

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of GM Food

Benefits and Controversy's Salmon BT Corn Good or bad ? GMO GM Foods The Handmaid's Tale By: Margaret Atwood Set in a dystopian future

A theocratic fundamentalist group has overthrown the government of the Country once know as American

Country now called The Republic of Gilead

Women has had their rights taken away

Ecological disaster has caused a low birth rate

Women are forced to become Handmaids

Handmaid's Must bear children for the elite in their society

Story is told in First Person Narrative from the Handmaid Offred Offred The Commander Serena Joy What are GM
foods? GM foods, also know as Genetically modified organisms are organisms in which their genetic make up has been altered to act in a way that does not naturally occur

They can be plants and animals Golden Rice Normal rice Golden rice -Golden rice was first created to fight vitamin A deficiency
- Beta-carotene was added to the rice, giving it golden glow Oils Modifications to oil made it useful Benefits Benefits Controversial GM Dependency The inventors of the genetically engineered Salmon took some of the genetic code that acts as a switch for the pout's antifreeze machinery and put it in their salmon to keep the growth hormone on Scientist inserted genes from Ocean Pout
into GM Salmon Most GM Salmon have three sets of chromosomes making them sterile. Girls Only Most GM Salmon only comes in one Sex Does this fact
worry anyone ? -Genetically altered to express the bacterial Bt toxin, which is poisonous to insect pests

-Seconder Generation corn borer became resistance What is a negative
effect of pesticides? Benefits •Crops
-Enhanced taste and quality
-Reduced maturation time
-Increased nutrients, yields, and stress tolerance
-Improved resistance to disease, pests, and herbicides
-New products and growing techniques

-Increased resistance, productivity, hardiness, and feed efficiency
-Better yields of meat, eggs, and milk
-Improved animal health and diagnostic methods

-"Friendly" bioherbicides and bioinsecticides
-Conservation of soil, water, and energy
-Bioprocessing for forestry products
-Better natural waste management
-More efficient processing

-Increased food security for growing populations Controversies •Safety
-Potential human health impacts, including allergens, transfer of antibiotic resistance markers, unknown effects
-Potential environmental impacts, including: unintended transfer of transgenes through cross-pollination, unknown effects on other organisms (e.g., soil microbes), and loss of flora and fauna biodiversity

•Access and Intellectual Property
-Domination of world food production by a few companies
-Increasing dependence on industrialized nations by developing countries
-Biopiracy, or foreign exploitation of natural resources

-Violation of natural organisms' intrinsic values
-Tampering with nature by mixing genes among species
-Objections to consuming animal genes in plants and vice versa
-Stress for animal

-Not mandatory in some countries (e.g., United States)
-Mixing GM crops with non-GM products confounds labeling attempts

-New advances may be skewed to interests of rich countries Which is a common GM food?
Pears GAME TIME please try each sample of food and try to distinguish which is organic and which is a GMO GOOD LUCK Do you think GMO should be labeled in Canada ?
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