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Meet the Teacher Night

No description

Hollie Matejcek

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Meet the Teacher Night

Meet the Teacher Night
Zephyr Elementary School 2014-2015
Ms. Matejcek Room 126

Introduction/Contact Info

Email Address: Matejcekh@whitehallcoplay.org

School Phone Number: 610-871-3671

PowerSchool is a secure web-based system. With an internet connection you can get school information such as grades and attendance, about your child anytime.
You can connect from home, the office, the public library, or from any other computer with Internet access.
A written excuse must be turned in to me within 3 days of your child's absence.

Missed class work and homework must be made up.
Daily schedule reflects the day number rather than the day of the week.

Posters will be displayed throughout the school and classroom to remind you what day of the schedule it is.
Classroom Procedures
Bathroom/Water Fountain
We will only take one bathroom break as a class.
All other times students are to ask during non-direct instructional time.
Students are encouraged to keep water bottles at their desks because water fountain trips are limited.
Pencil Sharpening
Pencils should be sharpened in the morning or afternoon ONLY.
Cleanliness (desk, floor, locker, etc.)
Students are expected to be neat.
Desks should be cleared at dismissal.
Missed Class (Band practice, sick, etc.)
It is the responsibility of the student to find out what they missed, hand in homework, check mailboxes, etc.
Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned nightly (Including some Fridays).
Unfinished or forgotten homework will be recorded and students will complete during recess.
If a student completes all homework assignments in a week they may participate in Homeworkopoly for that week.
Homework should be copied into planners each day.
Homework should take about 45 min. to 1 hr.
School Wide Positive Behavior System
B Be safe
E Encourage each other
E Excel in all we do
Z Zephyr Pride
Classroom, Cafeteria, Bus, Hallway, Bathroom, Recess
Special Classes
Day 1-Library
Day 2-Computers
Day 3-Gym
Day 4-Art
Day 5-Music

The first few days of school students have practiced opening their locks.
Coats and other materials that they do not need at their desks should be kept in their lockers.
Students will have the opportunity to visit their lockers in the morning, once during day, and at the end of the day.
Students may not leave during class to get homework or other materials. Homework left in lockers during scheduled classes will be marked late.
Day 1 to 5 Schedule
Complete all assignments neatly and to the best of your ability

Return all papers that require a parent signature

Check and sign Planner every night

Come prepared

Work cooperatively and quietly

Follow school and classroom behavior policies
Our lunch period is 12:25 to 12:55
Students are expected to follow all cafeteria rules.
The alternative lunch, PB&J, is only offered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Please remember your lunch money!
Money should be placed into an envelope with your child's name, pin number, and "Matejcek" written on it.
You can put money into your child's account electronically too.
Student Agendas/Planners
Your child is required to use a planner and have it signed nightly.
Planner should be signed even if no homework has been assigned.
Information recorded daily includes...
daily homework
upcoming test information
special events and dates
***Students will held responsible for purchasing a new
planner if they lose their planner.
Language Arts
Social Studies
Adding and subtracting whole numbers
Multiplication meanings & facts
Multiplying by 1 digit numbers
Patterns & expressions
Multiplying by 2-digit numbers
Dividing by 1-digit divisors
Lines, Angles, Shapes
Understanding fractions
Adding & subtracting fractions
Understanding decimals
Operations with decimals
Area & Perimeter
Measurement, time, and temperature
Data & graphs
Transformations, congruence & symmetry
Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley enVision Math
20 Topics
Quizzes throughout
Topic Test
Problem Solving
Study Island
Fraction Nation
Fast Math
Common Core
Pearson Website
Username: WCSDstudent4 Password:Zephyr04
Language Arts
English Skills
Writing traits and processes
Different types of writing
Storytown website

8 Day cycle per lesson/story
Step 1: Select Reading/Language Arts
Step 2: Choose Storytown from selections
Step 3: Select Pennsylvania from the drop down box followed by WCSD and Zephyr Elementary
Username= (student id) Password=zephyr
Step 4: Select My Library to access textbook and Practice Workbook
Reading Components
Robust Vocabulary -- anthology, leveled reader, tested every 8 days.
Listening comprehension
Focus skills and strategies tested on each lesson assessment
Anthology story
Leveled Readers/StoryWorks Magazines
Literacy stations
Chapter books
Guided Reading -- Small, flexible group instruction
Accelerated Reader
We encourage students to read books that are marked as Accelerated Reader books and then take tests on the computer.
These books can be found in our library, the public library, and in the classroom.
Points are recorded but they do not count as a grade.
Your child has the AR log-in information.
Tests are given every 6 to 7 days (not always a Friday)
Speller's Choice may be assigned as homework
Some words are challenging so it is important to study!
Homework will be assigned.
Quizzes are given on most chapters.
Grades are determined by quizzes, tests, homework, and projects.
Writing and Grammar are graded during the 2nd and 4th quarter.
Social Studies & Science
Maps & Globes
History of PA
Regions of the US

Motion and Design
Matter and Sound/Light
Earth Systems
Grades are based on tests, quizzes, class work, and projects
Students are given at least a few days or a weeks notice before a test
These subjects are graded every semester
(2nd and 4th quarter)

Study Island
Contains lessons and tests for the areas of Reading, Writing, Math and Science.
Assignments are given and opportunities to complete them are offered in school.
Students are encouraged to do StudyIsland at home.
Username and Passwords are the same as AR.
Communication is very important to me, including positive feedback.
The best way to reach me is through e-mail or writing a note in your child's planner.
T-Shirts ($6)
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Field Trips
Thank you
for coming!
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