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presentation for participation project

No description

su france

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of presentation for participation project

Setting up the bank GROW stands for

G – Goal What do you want to achieve? What CHANGE do you wish to see at Fosse Way and why? Make sure your goals are realistic. They can be a small goal or something more ambitious.

R – Reality What’s happening now about this BIG IDEA /issue? This might help you to think about any problems you may face when trying to achieve your goal

O – Options Think about all the approaches you could take to achieve your CHANGE and overcome problems

W – Wrap up What action will you take and when. A Different Kind of School Council Su France

su.france@fosse-way.lincs.sch.uk dance club Setting up the bank Double dutch skipping
with dinner ladies Words On The Wall Aims:

make people think


promote dialogue
Communication persuasive idea may not be Big to us but BIG to pupils more depth problem solving aspirational confidence booster responsible success creative realistic empowered reflects pop culture financial sense pupil initiated fun involvement involved
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