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Media events by Helen

No description

Zehan Hou

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Media events by Helen

Media events related to Melodrama by Helen
Two stories or issues where you think a melodramatic approach to journalism might be justified
Example 1: The Nanjing Massacre in China, 1937.
It is an episode of mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops during the second China and Japan war. Approximately 300,000 innocent civilians and disarmed soldiers were murdered by Japanese army.
It's still debated whether the number of casualties is exaggerated and some Japanese deny the crime stating that it's "military in nature". In this case, naming the enemy is necessary. Because innocent and powerless people are victimized. The villain harms these people so destructively. And it becomes the government's responsibility to ask for an apology and a confession to the crime.

Two examples of media stories that seem to you to confirm Anker’s views

Example 1: "Facebook apps leaked users' information, security firms say." is an article written by Doug Gross, from CNN, posted online in May, 2011.
The title notes that the leakage of information is confirmed by an authority--the security firms. The author, Doug Gross, works in CNN, one of the biggest news center in U.S, which further convinces people about the credibility of the news. Countless Facebook users easily empathize with the problem, feeling insecure about the leakage of their private information. These people would believe that it's justified to get the problem solved to keep everyone's privacy. In this way, people would hope the state's intervention, such as legislating that it's illegitimate to leak users' personal information.
Two stories that Williams helps you to analyze
Example 1: Reactions to the Film 2012
"The end of world" has always been a major theme for movies. Yet the film 2012 triggers a new discussion about it.
Before 2012 is released, seldom do people think about the issue, yet the special effects in the film are so realistic and believable. In this case, some people do believe that 2012 is the last year of human race.
In fact, the effects are real enough for some people to neglect the reality that the film is based on pure fiction. In China, a woman spends all her asset to purchase food supplies and store them in her home. And an old couple makes their own "Noah's Ark" using iron.

Example 2: Haiti Earthquake in 2010
Haiti people suffered in this disaster and they had to rebuild their home. About 3 million people were affected by the earthquake. However, people from different countries around the globe shared their pain and donated goods and funds to Haiti.
Various countries reported the disaster and videos revealed how destructive the earthquake was. Through the reports, people got to know the difficulty Haiti people went through and sympathized with them.
The "enemy" here is the nature, not a person. The earthquake leads people around the world to unite and help each other to overcome this obstacle.
A Japanese soldier standing by bodies of victims

Example 2: China bans free plastic bags in 2008
Quote from an article by Christopher Bodeen, from National Geographic News: "Declaring war on the "white pollution" choking its cities, farms, and waterways, China is banning free plastic shopping bags and calling for a return to the cloth bags." Starting from June, no free plastic bags will be provided in all shops in China.
Using the word "war", Bodeen names "white pollution" as the enemy. It's necessary to clarify the significance of reducing white pollution and explain the damage plastic brings to the earth. The new law regarding charging on plastic bags invokes peoples' consciousness of being environmental.
To convince people about the virtue of the law, the government needs to convey the "evil" side of plastic and how plastic can endanger the environment. People can, however, improve the environment by following the new law and consume less plastic. Moreover, showing street slogans in most cities with words that it's everyone's responsibility to guard their own home, the government makes people believe that it's also their moral legibility to follow the law.

Example 2: Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme in 2008
This is considered the biggest fraud in U.S history and was the first global Ponzi scheme. It carried a breaking price: $64.8 billion in paper wealth and at least $17.5 billion in cash losses.
This event recalled people's memory about the original Ponzi scheme in 1920s. Victims of Madoff's Ponzi scheme surely had a different perspective from those who weren't victimized. Even five years after Madoff was put in jail, victims still wondered whether they can recover a fraction of their lost wealth.
A Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors. This scam actually yields the promised returns to earlier investors, as long as there are more new investors. These schemes usually collapse on themselves when the new investments stop.
The End !
Two examples of media stories that seem to you to confirm Anker's view
Two examples of media stories that seem to you to confirm Anker’s views
Two stories that Williams helps you to analyze
Two stories or issues where you think a melodramatic approach to journalism might be justified
when I saw ads on white pollution and how bad the pollution had already been, I felt it's my responsibility to help reduce the pollution. Bringing my own bags to supermarkets and malls makes me feel that I make contribution to reducing pollution.
personal connection
personal connection
Though China and Japan have been working on improving their relations in recent years, it seems right for me that the government should not compromise on the debate on war crimes.
The related news and reports in China have effectively made me feel it's wrong for Japan to deny their war crimes. It's always reported on CCTV news(China Central Television) and cover how reluctant some Japan governors are to admit the crimes.
One specific example is each time when Japanese prime ministers visited the Yasukuni Shrine, where 14 of these Class-A war criminals are enshrined along with thousands of other Japanese soldiers, all TV stations across the country would spend several days to report and disparage this irrespective action.
how they relate to Anker's view
Almost everyone has Facebook account and everyone could be a possible victim of the leakage problem.
The essay on leakage of information was written by a CNN worker and CNN is surely a credible authority of news authenticity.
The broad ideal here is privacy protection for all Internet users.
This goal justifies the state to take actions.
People empathize with Haiti people on their suffering. The earthquake makes people find their unitied identiy as human beings and fight together against the disaster.
How they confirm Williams's views
The concern on the end of the world and Ponzi scheme are both past events that have gained increased recent significance.
Different people have different perspectives for each event. For instance, victims of Ponzi crime surely view the issue differently from those who learn about the case from news and newspaper.
Before the two events were reported, seldom do people think about them. After they were covered in media, however, people would pay more attention to them. After the film 2012 was released, people started discussing the possibility of 2012 being the end of the world.
Since the special effects in 2012 are so realistic and attractive, some people do believe that it's a depiction of the real world. And these people would ignore the science facts and only believe stories the film presents.
Madoff victim takes suicide
Madoff's Ponzi Scheme
Japanese prime minister Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine
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