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European Entrepreneurship

TOMS' Case Study

Claudia Ramirez

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of European Entrepreneurship

TOMS Agenda: 1. About TOMS
2. Background
3. Business model
4. Why is it remarkable?
5. Expansion of the comapny
6. Conclusion Background BACKGROUND Why is it remarkable? Expansion Claudia Ramírez
Yvette Brisson
Valeria Saavedra Thanks for your attention! Conclusions and critics Blake Mycoskie Business Model Philantropic capitalism
One for one: how it works? 3 steps
Environmentally friendly company. How was it financed? When and where? Main intentions... Their products: Shoes for men, women, and children
Expanding into different styles. No marketing budget
Great use of social media: Inform customers and fans via facebook, twitter, website blogs and videos
Relying solely on word of mouth :
"Hey, cool shoes. Thanks. They’re TOMS Shoes. They give away a pair to kids for every one they sell...." TOMS produces in 3 countries, and currently gives in over 40 countries. Consumer frustration and impatience with traditional capitalist corporations Feel like you're part of a community Thanks for your attention! NOT JUST SHOES ANYMORE:
TOMS EYEWEAR The shoes they give ''From A small, humble idea
into a global movement.'' FACTS
After its inception in 2006, Toms Shoes saw a sale of 10,000 pairs

8 months later TOMS saw an increase of sales to 50,000 pairs

April 2009 showed a jump in sales to 140,000 pairs.

Toms Shoes is expected to distribute around 1 million pairs of shoes in 2013. Distribution
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