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Grandview Hills PBSI

No description

kristen alex

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Grandview Hills PBSI

PBSI at Grandview Hills
Renewing Focus on Positive Behavior Support: Building the Foundation
PBSI... what is it?
Essential Agreements
1. We agree that a student’s behavior communicates what he/she needs.
2. We agree that a consistent system of support and meaningful rewards for individuals, classrooms, and school-wide is necessary and powerful because it supports healthy behavior.
3. We agree that students have individual needs and Tier 2 and 3 students will need a modified behavior support system.
4. We agree that our behavior support system should promote self-reflection and responsibility, in order to create students who are thinkers, communicators, reflective, and principled. This prepares them for success as adults.
5. We agree that building a school culture incorporating PBIS, International Baccalaureate and Restorative Practices will help create a healthy and safe community.
6. We agree that a school-wide system of communication across environments (from classroom to specials, lunch, recess and back) is necessary to maintain fidelity of the program.

Starting from the
IB Profiles and Attitudes
Gallery Walk:
Use a marker to make note of a word association or connection you have to five different profile and attitude words.

1. Create 3-4 school-wide behavioral expectations that are based in IB learner profile or attitudes

2. Create a Teaching Matrix to outline expectations
Thank you!
Create Expectations
Develop 3-4 positively stated rules or expectations that support the school’s mission.

These rules should be general and use few words (e.g., Respect Others, Respect Yourself, Respect Property), and should apply to all students and staff members. Can be an acronym.
Create Teaching Matrix
What would you keep from these?
What would be easy to use in your classroom?

PBSI is a positive, proactive approach in responding to behavior.
Students are taught and practice behavioral expectations.
Students receive positive feedback for positive behaviors.
There is a tiered system to provide support for varying needs.
Current Status
Reflection Sheets
Essential Agreements

What else?
Learning Targets
1. Create 3-4 school-wide behavioral expectations that are based in IB learner profile or attitudes
2. Create a Teaching Matrix to outline expectations
Post in all settings
Teach and reinforce behaviors
Continue to build the Universal layer of PBIS
Communicate with staff the PBIS procedures
Consider the use of a school-wide creed
Next Steps
Respect Integrity

Empathy Caring
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