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1960~ Women's Rights

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narjis hemani

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of 1960~ Women's Rights

1960~ Women's Rights
It's not that bad, in some countries they still do not allow girls to go to school, but it is not illegal to work for women. Even though there are some girls that can't be educated there are still heroes standing up for them like Malala. Malala the girl who stood up for girls' education and was shot by the Taliban, went around the world campaigning for education for females, which taught all women to stand up for not only their education but their rights too. As Malala says one child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the whole world...
Let's stand up women, girls, females! For all those who couldn't or were too scared to in 1960. Let's fight for those women who think they have no rights, for those girls who think they can't go to school, let's fight for them for the 60's women!!!
1960 was the last year in which women had no rights. In 1960 apparently women were just wives not workers, not people just wives, only in 1961 did President John F. Kennedy established the Commission on the Status of Women. Till then women could not vote or open a bank account or even leave the house without her husband! Even if you wanted to get a job you had to be a certain weight and your hands must have been soft, very soft. This injustice has been going on for over a hundred years and still is in some countries, but it must end...
Injustice in the 60s
If you were a women in the 60s you could not do a number of things that you are able to do now such as:
open your own bank account without the permission of your husband
go to work without being a certain weight and not having soft hands
going to work and being judged
having an education
going to school, high school, college, university
None of this happens today in North America but around the world in some countries women are, to their eyes, useless. Why?
But Back in the 60s
Yes, today we have motivational people to motivate the young to fight for their rights but back in the 60s there was no Malala or anyone and all the woman were too scared of the "LAW" to take any action. The "Law" in 1960 about women was that they can not do anything without their husband or fathers( when they weren't married ). The men thought and some still do, that the only ones that could actually do something was them, the women were not capable of anything, which is NOT true. This injustice will end, it WILL!!!
The 60s women tried to earn their rights by protesting and fighting but none leading them to success. I don't understand why women weren't allowed to have our own money and go to school, university and go out of the house without a husband telling us what we can buy and what not. If men want good food they should let us go out by ourselves, with our own money, buy the food, so we have more time to cook it for them. Also, since there are more females in the world then males, 52% females, 48% males, women should go to school get educated and work, which might help the world, since there's more females, there is a higher chance of us doing something helpful to the world. Still no justice till today.......
By: Narjis
Get up, Stand up!
Stand up for your rights Madame, with all your might! Get up, Stand up!
Don't give up the fight!!! ~ Bob Marley
Men have their rights and lots more...
Women don't have their rights and nothing else...
Women deserve more than nothing!!!
It's equal so should be our rights...
The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it, including women ~ 1960's women
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