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A Kights Tale

No description

Bristol Litfin

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of A Kights Tale

A Kights Tale
By Bristol and Cody A duke named Theseus ruled the land of Athens. One day four women came to him crying because Creon the lord of Thebes, denied them the right to bury there husbands. thesus went and conguered Thebus, while he was conquering Thebus he stumbled apon to knights that are cousins instead of killing them he decides to imprison them in one of Athens towers. While locked in the tower the cousins hos names were Palamon and Acite both feel in love with Theseus's sister in law Emily whom they had see when they were looking out the window of the tower. One day a duke named Perotheus a friend of both Thesus and Arcite, pentioned for Arcites freedom. Thesus agrees on the condition that he be banished from Athens permanently or be put to death. When Arcite returns home he is jealouse that Palamon gets to look at Emily everyday. Palamon is also upset because he believes that Arcite will conquer Athens and take Emily for his own. A little while later Mercury, messenger of the gods, vists Arcite in his dreams and urges him to return to Athens. Arcite decides to return to Athens in disguise and becomes a page in Emily's group. he did this only so he could look at her everyday. One day while Arcite was in the garden Palamon broke out of jail and stumbled upon Arcite they both pledged their love for Emily to Emily and began to fight.
Thesus found them and said he will have them both killed but his Queen and Emily pleaded for them to be keep alive. Thesus decided to instead have a tornament between them. Both would gather 100 of the finest men, that would fight along side of them and that they had 50 weeks to prepare. The winner would get Emilys hand in marriage. Thesus prepared for the battle by having a stadium constructed and to have three temples placed outside. One for Venus the goddes of love, one for Mars the god of war, and the last being for Diana the goddess of chastity. The sunday before the battle Palamon vists the temple of Venus and explains his love for Emily and asks that Venus bring him victory. The statue of Venus makes a positive sign and Palamon leaves in good hope. That same day Emily vists the temple of Diana and asks that the goddess prevent a marriage between her and either of the cousins because she wants the stay a virgin. Diana informs her that she must marry the winner. Emily leaves the temple in disappointment. Also on the same day Arcite vists Mars and begs for victory. Mars also gives a positive sign and Arcite leaves in high hopes as well. A conversion between Saturn, the
father of Venus, and Venus took place.
Saturn stated that even though Arcite will
have help from Mars Palamon will be victirous.
Thesus gave out the tournament rules,after the battle began and after a while of brutal fighting Arcite saw his chance and took Palamon down with a sword by his thrpat. Though he didn't kill him the battle was over and Arcite claimed victory. Emily was happy that it was over, Venus on th other hand was sad because her knight was not victorious. Saturn told Venus not to worry and then made the earth shake with his powers. The earthquake threw Arcite from his horse and crushed his chest. At the hospital Arcite expressed his love to Emily, but tells her is she decides to marry then to marry Palamon because he shows the qualities of a good knight. After several years pass everyone is done greaving
the death of Arcite accepted Emily and Palamon. Thesus tells the two to stop greaving and that every man lives and dies and that they should be happy and get married. they took the duke's advice and lived a long happy loved filled marriage.
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