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Number Talks

Overview of Number Talks book

Diane Washenberger

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Number Talks

Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies Number Talks Key Components of Number Talks Classroom
& Community CLASSROOM
Role Teach students to use hand signals during number talks:
Fist to chest - thinking
Thumb raised - one solution
Additional finger(s) raised - additional solutions
Sign language for making a connection Benefits of Sharing & Discussing Computation Strategies:
Students have the opportunity to:
1. Clarify their own thinking
2. Consider & test other strategies to see if they are mathematically logical
3. Investigate & apply mathematical relationships
4. Build a repetoire of efficient strategies
5. Make decisions about choosing efficient strategies for specific problems The Role of Mental Math Critical for Understanding Place Value, Developing
Number Sense, Building Automaticity, Reasonableness
of Answers, etc. Purposeful computation problems Number Talks can be a purposeful vehicle for -
1. making sense of mathematics
2. developing efficient computational strategies
3. communicating mathematically
4. reasoning and proving solutions Helpful Hints:
-Select a designated location that allows you to maintain close proximity to your students for informal observations and interactions
-Provide appropriate wait time for the majority of students to access the problem
-Accept, respect, and consider all answers
-Encourage student communication throughout the number talk HOW? facilitator, questioner,
listener, learner
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