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The Mobile Opportunity - Sunil Gunderia April 6, 2011

Changing dynamics of the smartphone market and the opportunity for apps

Sunil Gunderia

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of The Mobile Opportunity - Sunil Gunderia April 6, 2011

Who Am I? 10 Years Sunil Gunderia Started European Mobile/Apps Biz
Co-Lead Global Business
Strategy & Business Development
Sales & Marketing
Product Management & Development
Developed over 100 apps
Distributed Apps, Video & Music across PCs, Consoles, Handhelds, Connected TVs Now Business Advisor - e.g. Appshed Business Advisor The Mobile Opportunity Mobile Devices Everything Connected Contact: sunil@gunderia.com
twitter: @DigitalMasala Q410 Smartphones > PC
100M v 92M 2011 Smartphones > PC
450M v 350M 2015 1 Billion Smartphones Sold Consumer 2015 2 Billion Subs 4B Smartphones sold from 2010 - 2015 Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google
“The new rule, Mobile First!” Google Search Results
Mobile as % of Total Queries Auto
16.8% Finance & Insurance
15.4% Consumer
15.5% Beauty & Personal
14.9% Restuarants
29.6% Restuarants
29.6% Apps What are ? An app gets content and experiences on a smartphone
Whether it is navtive, browser or blended does not matter
Experience must work and delight the consumer Source: Kleiner Perkings, 2011 Native Apps Native Ecosystem 350k Apps 160M iOS
customers 10B downloads 200M Pymt
Relationships $2B Paid 350k Apps Promotion
'There is an App for That' Placement Sir Martin Sorrell - CEO, WPP
"Mobile Apps are the Holy Grail for Advertisers."
"...They enable brands to connect with with consumers at numerous touchpoints, whether at home or in the shops." Drive up to $330B of Retail Sales 79% of smartphone users use their phone to help them shop 74% of consumers have purchased as a result of using their smartphone shopping Consumers use Apps more then they Talk or Browse Brand Strategies Fragmented Market 9/10 app downloads in 2010 are iphone Corporations to spend $17B developing apps 2011 18B app downloads,185B through 2014
App Revenues: 2010 $5.8B, 2011 $15B, 2015 $38B 79% of online advertisers do not have a mobile optimized site Brands Must Have a Mobile Strategy
Focus on next 12-24 months
Segment between lucrative customers and the long tail
Begin with iPhone/browser expand to other platforms
Think local and conveinence
John Doer, Managing Partner, Kleiner Perkins
"We're at the beginning of a new ear for social
Internet innovators who are re-imaging and re-
inventing a Web of people and places, looking
beyond documents and websites." Google Staffer
"At Google, we often think speed is the forgotten 'killer application' - the ingredient that can differentiate winner from the rest." Presented @ Appshed (Appshed.com (An Affordable and Easy to Use Platform to Create Great Apps))
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