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CCSS Parent Information

No description

Rosa Corona

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of CCSS Parent Information

Common Core &
21st Century Learning
Parent Information Night

What do Chino Valley students need to know?
Common Core Explained
ELA Units of Study
Chino Valley Student Success
At School
Different types of "tests"
Testing with technology
Training all around!
It's about the "teach", not the "tech"
At School
Training teachers
Training administrators
Training staff
At School
How will Chino Valley students learn it?
The CCSS include English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and literacy in history, social studies, and technical areas
• Standards describe what the students are to learn; teachers and districts decide how they learn
• Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) scheduled for full implementation in 2017-18.
How will we know if Chino Valley students have learned it?
At Home
At Home
Homework will look different
Explain the process
Stay informed
Teacher conferences
District and school websites
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking
Test anxiety
Time to complete tasks
Ask questions
Language Arts
Engage them with complex text.
Extract and employ evidence.

Build knowledge and share through writing.
Learn MORE about fewer concepts

Skills and concepts connect from one grade to the next.
Math is applied to real-world situations.
giving tests
performing tasks
Every few weeks
unit tests (before & after)
Once a year.....
asking questions
posing problems to solve
Ten Job Titles that Didn't Exist 5 Years Ago:
10 College Majors that Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago
1. New Media (Indiana Univ, Purdue)
2. Biotechnology (John Hopkins)
3. Organic Agriculture (Washington State, UC Davis)
4. Homeland Security (San Diego State Univ)
5. E-Business/E-Marketing (Missouri State, Univ of Akron)
6. Computer Game Design (DePaul Univ)
7. Forensic Accounting (West Virginia Univ)
8. Human Computer Interaction (Iowa State Univ)
9. Society and the Environment (UC Berkeley)
10. Nanotechnology (Lousiana Tech Univ)

Multiple Choice


Math 3rd Grade


Multiple Choice


ELA (3rd Grade)

Guiding Questions
Our Changing World
Common Core and Assessments
Tools for Student Success
At Home
At School
1. App Developer
2. Data "Miner"
3. College Admissions Consultants
4. Generational Expert
5. Social Media Manager
6. Chief "Listening" Officer
7. Cloud Computing Services
8. Elder Care
9. Sustainability Expert
10. User Experience Design
Thank you for coming!
Respuestas Múltiples

Opción Múltiple

Constructed Response
Performance Task
(6th Grade)
How will Chino Valley students learn it?
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