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Is Jesus Gods Son?

a prezi about Jesus' life and family relations

marcus devitto

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Is Jesus Gods Son?

Introduction Miracles Prayers Many people have wondered this simple question for many years
is Jesus Gods son?

We will tell you what the Christians belie ve and why they believe. Jesus peformed many miracles
that is the main reason people believe he is Gods son.
'The Calming of the Storm', 'Jarius daughter' and The Parlyzed man to name a few.
Most people Catholic or not Catholic know the resurrection of Christ

Jesus prayed alot so this was a sure sign of holiness, when he was little he went to a temple for passover. On the way home Mary and Joesph could'nt find him. They looked and looked but he was no where to be seen.
Eventually they found him at the temple, he said "why are you suprised this is my home?"
They went home and Mary and Joesph pondered over the events of this day. CONLUSION To conclude Christians belive jesus is gods son because
he peformed many amazing mirricles and he knew gods ways very well
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