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Melissa Shipp - Assistant Principal Applicant

No description

Melissa Shipp

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Melissa Shipp - Assistant Principal Applicant

Melissa Shipp
Assistant Principal Applicant
Granbury Middle School

All about me
Meet The Shipp's....
Mission Statement,
Education &

Grant Writing,
Mentoring, & BSI

Test Data...
As the Assistant
Principal of
Granbury Middle

Assistant Principal at
Granbury Middle School...

Why I became a teacher….
- My 4th Grade teacher changed my life!
- I come from a long line of Educators
- I want to connect with students in creative and unique ways
What inspired me to go back and get my masters….
- My grandparents & Donnie Cody
-I want to be able to make a difference in the lives of more children than just the 22 in my class.
-Being an administrator, while it has challenges, will allow me to help make a difference with teachers, parents, and students.
My personal mission statement….
I believe that all students deserve a quality education, respect in all situations, and opportunities to grow while learning in a safe setting, where mistakes are allowed and nobody is perfect!
- BS in Elementary Education - Graduated 2002
Texas Wesleyan University
- M. Ed. in Education Administration - Graduated 2013
Lamar University
- Principal Certificate - Texas 2014 Kindergarten -12th
- Teacher Certificate - Texas Generalist 1st - 6th
- ESL Certification - Texas Endorsement 1st - 6th

**this only shows my data for GISD and is not my individual data, but all of 3rd grade
Granbury Independent School District:
3rd Grade Self-Contained Teacher - Oak Woods School, 2009 to present
4th Grade Math/Science Teacher - Oak Woods Intermediate, 2008-2009
* Oak Woods School Teacher of the Year 2012
Fort Worth Independent School District:
6th Grade Math/Science Teacher - Leonard Sixth Grade Center, 2006-2008
5th Grade Self-Contained Teacher - Carroll Peak Elementary, 2002-2006
Grant Writing...
2013 - 2014 Mobile Planetarium
I worked on a team on 5 teachers to write a grant for the Mobile Fort Worth Planetarium to come to Oakwoods.
My responsibility in the grant writing process was to find the TEKS that aligned with the proposal, and look at each grade-level scope and sequence to plan appropriate activities to go along with the planetarium.
Oak Woods was awarded the Grant and the students LOVED the planetarium.
2014 - 2015 Painting Lessons
Our 3rd grade team was awarded a Michaels “Painting with a Twist” Grant
Each student was able to learn painting techniques and learned step by step how to paint Olaf.
Our students loved this activity and being able to take home their personal painting.

Assigned as a mentor teacher to new teachers to the profession.
Wrote new TEKS math lesson plans and shared with two other GISD schools in 2015
Observed by 3 teachers from GISD and a group of Godley ISD teachers on implementation of math and writing in 2015
BSI ...
Pilot for Video Lesson Recording
Recorded, Uploaded, and Shared via Google video recorded lessons for a BSI student.
Have been named "the BSI whisperer"
1 out of 21 - Dyslexic
1 out of 21 - SPED
1 out of 21 - BSI
1 out of 21 - ESL
7 out of 21 - Low SES
7 out of 21 - RTI tier II or III

Math 95%
Reading 90%
**math was determined at 60% passing
STAAR Data / My Class 2015
Organization (504, ARDS, RTI, Data Analysis & Documentation
Data Analysis & Documentation
Data drives everything I do in my classroom and would drive all TEAM meetings as the AP. Understanding strengths and weaknesses and pinpointing intervention is necessary for true academic achievement - especially with ESL, Bilingual, 504, Sped, Dyslexia, etc.
Documentation is key! Accurate notes on behavior, academics, and small group instruction leads to student growth.
Currently working with my teaching partner to be able to pull data from our EXCEL data sheet per student for RTI and Parent Meetings
As the Assistant Principal:
I would make it a priority to make sure all instruction is driven by first the TEKS, and then by data analysis. I would make myself available to analyze data with teachers, especially those new to teaching....Setting goals for them and their students...

Motivating Teachers and Students:
Positive Feedback....
Everybody needs to hear what they are doing right!
I would love to introduce "WOW Moments of Praise" - these would be notes that I would leave teachers and students
I would also like to share these with staff either in an email weekly or during team meetings - we grow by seeing others and imitating what works!
Areas to Address Feedback....
It is never easy to tell someone they need to work on something - but it is part of an administrators job.
I will always treat teachers with respect, show kindness, and be professional when having to address areas that need improvement.
504, ARDS, RTI Meetings.... (As Assistant Principal)
Conduct myself professionally and state only the facts.
Prepare ahead of time by meeting with teachers and studying IEPs and BIPs.
Assist teachers in collecting data that will back up the plan in place or the plan that needs to be in place for student success.

"It is far easier and more effective to intervene using universal, research-based strategies when a problem is first developing than to wait until larger deficits require more intense forms of intervention" - Dr. Andrea Ogonosky (RTI Handbook 2009)
Very Strong Classroom Management
Other teachers come to me to ask how to handle student behaviors
Every student and situation is different - discipline should fit the child
As the Assistant Principal...
My number one priority would be "teacher support".
What can I do that the teacher has not already done to improve the behavior for not just today.... but in the future?
TEAM Approach - I would work closely with Mrs. Rodriquez sharing ideas and advice on creative ways to discipline students.

Example.... individual behavior plans/goal sheets, campus mentors, behavior improvement incentives such as treats, prizes, coupons, and gift cards.

Academic Improvement at GMS: I want to be part of the process!!!
According to the Campus Improvement Plan and AEIS Data - I see that on campus you serve almost 60% low SES and 52% At Risk.
This is a large group of students that would be the focus group - needing specific interventions and programs to increase academics
As I pointed out earlier....My experiences in FWISD dealt with schools ranging from 90 - 98% LOW SES - showing huge gains in academics.

I would like to share a few ideas with you targeting this group of students in addition to the WONDERFUL things you already do!

Middle School Experience & Improvement Plan
Fort Worth ISD
Principal asked the Math teachers to create an intervention plan and present the idea to her.
She chose my plan - to change the schedule of those students to reflect an additional block of math daily. We shortened the bell schedule for them only.
We created a huge bar graph to show progress, attaching incentives weekly for students above 80% on the "daily practice moment" activity.
The plan included hands-on math activities with students defending answers that were right and wrong.
Year Prior: 45% passing
Benchmark: 61% passing
End of Year: 90% passing 35% commended
Low SES: 96%
Motivation: Homework Passes, Nacho Party, Movie at School
Idea #1: Saturday/Extended Day Camp after Common Assessments
**This was part of the plan in FWISD that showed growth with a huge low SES population....
Teachers plan "BOOT-CAMP" remediation activities with the help of the Instructional Specialist and AP for rotations
Students earn tickets for coming and for participation
Prizes/Money for the program would be from GEF Grant or Donations gained through local businesses
Teachers who participated could show participation in extra activities for the Incentive Pay Program AND...
Teachers names would be put in a drawing for Me to come cover a class period near lunch to provide time to "Eat off Campus"
Idea #2: Parents vs. Students Sports Night by Grade Level
** Based on your Campus Improvement Plan from last year and a need for parent involvement
Students can come and bring a mentor, parent, older sibling, etc. to play a sports game either on the field or in the gyms.
Night would be per grade level - the grade level with the highest student attendance would win a party at school
A table would be available with resources for parents: tutoring times, food pantry information, Ruth's Place, etc.
PTO could provide dinner.... everyone likes free food!
Idea #3: Parenting Classes based on a Google Parent Survey
I know Ruth's Place is currently working on a plan for Middle School Students who need assistance.
I would love to serve as the bridge/go to person between GMS, Ruth's Place, and local churches
Parents will not always come to "Parenting classes" at school
However, if events were run yearly through Ruth's Place and held at the convention center or a church, this would provide an opportunity for them to come learn how to best support the school and their student.
Drawings could be held to increase attendance to places like Walmart or HEB

I know a lot of people want this job..... but I assure you I will work harder than any of them to make a difference in the students of GMS.
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