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My Excela Doc III Launch Party

No description

Keri Matson

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of My Excela Doc III Launch Party

• Increase EHMG Primary Care Patient Panel to 100,000
– Currently at 88,000
– Increase of 9,000 in 12 months

• Increase Sessions to MyExcelaDoc.org by 2,000 each month
– Sessions Currently at 63,000

• Increase new primary care patients for our targeted practices by at least 200 per month,
or 25 per targeted physician
– Current average in last two quarters of FY14 was 308 new patients/month for targeted practices

• Generate 30 more calls to the call center each month via 1-855-ExcelaDoc
– Current average monthly calls were 63/month in 2013 and 94/month in 2014

• Motivate 25 more downloads per month of the MyExcelaDoc Mobile App
– Current average per month is 17
5,251 | Dr. Lance Brunton
4,436 | Dr. Chris Bellicini
3,474 | Dr. Kim Avolio
3,468 | Dr. Jennifer Erdos
3,154 | Dr. Rebecca Quel
• Adults 30-70
– 41.9% of Westmoreland County Population
(estimated 181,218 people)
• Primary Care
– Penn Township, Delmont and Latrobe
• Orthopedics
– General orthopedic care, surgical and non-surgical
TRIB Total Media, WHJB, Post Gazette, 84 Outdoor, Wish, Y108, Laurel Group, Latrobe Bulletin, WDVE, Penn Franklin, Gateway Group, Star, 3WS, McKeesport Daily News, Lamar, Penneco, etc ...

600+ commercials
Reach: 97.9%
Frequency: 18.4

2,000+ commercials
Reach: 81%
Frequency: 3.8

4 Million Print
21 Million Billboard
10 Million Web/Mobile
200 Radio Spots/Week

Westmoreland Hospital - 4D
HCAHPS High Honors - 8/8
Great Opportunity with our own employees to help increase our Primary Care market share
Target Audience: Female Employees
Higher ratio of EH female to male employees
Female employees are healthcare decision makers for their families

Utilize internal communication tools to educate and inform employees regarding campaign benefits/opportunities

Direct mail piece: 3,700 Women to Women event invitations sent
Intranet: Featured physicians and campaign videos
Health-e-news: compelling stories and physician profiles
Social Media: Facebook Promoted Page/Post and Twitter postings

Continuous Improvement:
Multiple location information is now available for
each physician (not just primary location)
The site was updated after physicians themselves
provided information via postcard
OMA education now allows for real-time updates
MyExcelaDoc App now available - increase downloads 25/month
• Educate health care consumers in Westmoreland County
All Major Insurances Accepted

• Brand the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine service line

• Increase awareness of Endocrine and Breast surgical capabilities

• Broaden Primary Care patient panel
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