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Life of PI (science and Religion)

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Peter Romero

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Life of PI (science and Religion)

Life of PI (science and Religion)
I know zoos are no longer in peoples good graces. Religion faces the same problem. certain illusions about freedom plague them both.(1.4.14) this is one of the many quotes Pi speaks to Yann Martel about Religion and zoology(science).
This story of life of Pi religion and science is very similar to the movie gravity because it's only two people stuck in the middle of space(no where). These are alike because they both contain religion, in there time of crisis Sandra bullock also prays when she is in her crisis.
Religion and science are one of the many themes in the book life of Pi that stand out the most. Pi practises three religions christianity, hinduism, Islamic but he also keeps his science close to him he does this by studying zoology.

Related themes
There are many movies related to life
of Pi but one that recently came out that struck me was Gravity starring only two actors Sandra bullock and George Clooney. This movie is about two astronauts who get stuck in space because there ship broke.
This trailer shows that they are both limited on supplies and can not live for too long.

These both movies include science and Religion. At one point of the movie gravity Sandra bullock starts to pray to God to help her out of the situation, and both movies include science. the science that these two movies include are very different one is the study of animals and the other one is the study of space and space machinery.
both movies life of Pi are very similar in alot of ways
Pi is a very religious person who practises three religions and even though he is stuck on a life boat with a tiger named Richard Parker he still finds time to pray to God.
Pi beliveing in more than one religion created problems with three preachers and tell Pi to choose just one religion but Pi responds in a simple scentence.
"Bapu Ghandi said, all religions are true". I just want to love God, I blurted out, and looked down, red in the face.(1.23.49-54). Pi uses this scentence to try to tell the preachers that he practises all three religions to try to get closer to God.

When Pi is in the life boat he still manages to have to pray to God because he believes that God will help him survive. "Religion will save us," I said. Since when I could remember, religions had always been close to my heart.(1..7.9-11). Pi still has hope that by praying to God he will awnser his prayers and keep him alive. Pi is a very religious person who believes that if he continues to practise the three religions he will be rescued.

Pi has a major in zoology which helps him work with his dad in the zoo. science helped Pi survive because if he didn't know how to tame a Richard parker he would have died.
One of Pi's majors were zoology he studied with people who loved baseball and loved to drink. "My majors were religious studies and zoology scientists are freindly, athestic, beer drinking and are preoccupied with sex chess and base ball.(1.1.2). Pi studies both science and religion he finds thst all scientist are friendly this is ironic because he doesn't have the same personality that the scientist do.

Pi tried to tame richard parker in the life boat so he wouldn't be killed and so he could get some food. pi grabed a long stick and waved it around richard parkers face and he screamed very loudly to set himself as the alpha. pi used this to show Richard parker that he is in charge and that he takes control over him.
science was a big part in pi's survival if it wasn't for the taming of Richard Parker he would have starved to death
Two of the many themes in Life of Pi are Science and religion. He practised zoology and belives in three religions. but when it comes to the crisis he puts his zoology skills to the test and still keeps his faith in religion strong.
this book teaches us many things but the most important thing is to keep your knowledge strong but your faith stronger.
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