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Michelle Borsboom

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Heart

The circulatory system The right atrium -The start of the circulatory system
-The poor blood (without oxygen) enters the right atrium
-Blood goes further to the right ventricle Valves -makes sure that the blood flows in one direction
-It closes when the blood is through
-The blood can't go back to the right atrium
-There are 4 valves in your heart Right Ventricle -The right ventricle receives the poor blood from the right atrium
-It pumps the blood to the lungs through pulmonary veins Pulmonary artery -Brings the poor blood in 2 directions to the lungs
-It's short and wide Alveoli -Here swaps carbon dioxide with oxygen
-It are a lot of small grape shaped air sacs The blood is now oxygenated and goes back to the heart
through the pulmonary veins pulmonary veins -Brings the oxygenated blood to the left atrium
-There are four of them, 2 on each side and they join together just above the left atrium Left atrium -This is were the oxygenated blood enters the heart
-The blood is pumped with a high speed downwards through the valves to the left ventricle Left ventricle -Receives the blood from the right atrium
-Pumps the oxygenated blood to your aorta Aorta -It's the largest and the strongest artery in your body
-It brings the blood through your whole body
-It brings oxygenated blood Red and white blood cells White blood cells:
-Fight against diseases
-They have one nucleus
-There are two different types:
+Phagocytes Red blood cells:
-Carry oxygen
-It contains iron
-They contain haemoglobin that makes them red
-They are hallow so they can carry oxygen and other stuff
Blood vessels -They travel blood through your body
-Arteries carry the blood away from your heart
-Veins carry the blood to the heart
What is in the blood? -There is plasma in your blood, it's yellow
-Plasma is mainly water mixed with chemicals
-Platelets are really thin and small bits of cells
-White and red cells are in the blood as well Vena Cava -deoxygenated blood is carried to the right atrium in the vena cava
-Vena cava is the main vein The end Michelle Borsboom
Susanne Euser
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