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Roving Services at Kogarah Library

Getting out from behind the desk

Wilma Bancroft

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Roving Services at Kogarah Library

at Kogarah Town Square Library Introducing Roving Reference Rewards Rostering Challenges Improved Customer Service Quick access to online services Mobile workstations for customers online members registration Review Redesigning and relocating the Information Desk staff training e-resources wireless network service how is our service adding value? Internet options to consider and explore investigated current trends and best practice in Information and Reference Service self analysis of the Information Service improvement statistics visits to other libraries roving reference relocating the information desk portable tablet devices Customer Satisfaction Survey How ? ? Lap top pods "Librarians are in a position to value add by becoming transformational partners rather than mere keepers of the content and efficient managers of transactions". Stephen Abram a Roving Reference service delivering a proactive customer focused approach to Information Services Increase in available study space for laptop owners Improved signage Additional online catalogues quick Internet access for ready reference enquiries Technology to customers to lessen the community digital divide an optimum mix of professional reference staff and staff from other areas of the Library for the provision of Information Services Rosters Shift expectations Training Manual specific to Roving Services Service Standards and Service Charter Shift supervisor duties Points to consider from Library visits Subject Heading Signs Thank You Hurstville Library
Liverpool City Council Library
Camden Public Library -Narellan
University of Western Sydney -Bankstown Campus Staff Training Signage DEFINE THE SERVICE 2.Assign roles to develop the service principles and guidelines 1.Create a team How are we going to deliver the Roving Reference and Information Service? 3.Meet regularly 4.Discover 5.Visit other libraries 6. Discuss Recommendations Staff Training On-line bookings Technology Skills it's not just Reference it's changing the way we deliver Customer Service Roving Cohesive team Trained staff New furniture More technology we think we are heading in the right direction... Introducing Roving Services at Kogarah Library but are we moving fast enough?
skills focus - rather than qualifications Roving e-Resources Customer Service Reference Skills for RA Tablets one team working together Utilising technology Security Smart Phones Skilled staff Furniture New Technology Communicating the Changes Staff Resistance WHY change? “libraries that select comfortable, traditional, but increasingly marginal roles, risk becoming more marginalized and increasingly irrelevant” Donald L Gilstrap State Library Grant Library staff are often asked by our customers general questions on how to use tablet devices. The market is dominated by two main mobile operating systems, Apple iOS and Android. The Library has chosen to use the Samsung Galaxy tablet which uses the Android operating system for Roving Services. In this the first of our educational ‘How To..’ presentations we’ll give basic instruction on how to use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet so that you can better meet customer requests and be able to demonstrate the use of the Galaxy Tablet in assisting customers access the resources that are available from the library. Galaxy Tablet Home Screen Once you have turned on the tablet, the first thing you need to do is to connect to the library's Wi-Fi, to do this click on the Firefox app. Connecting to Wi-Fi 'How to' use the
Samsung Galaxy Tablet It will then take you to this screen where you click on the ‘I agree’ icon to be connected to the WiFi Each staff tablet has three web browser apps. To view our web cat it is best to use Firefox or Chrome Staff Apps Browsers Google drive is the app that the library uses to share documents and files instantaneously; it can serve as a chat function to communicate with staff as they rove. just the beginning Bump is a useful app that we can also use to share information between devices such as photos, videos, files, apps, contact information with a single bump. It requires users to have bump installed on the devices that they wish to share information on. The social media apps currently on the tablets are Facebook & Pinterest On the home screen we have grouped several folders with useful apps that are commonly used. Folders The Library tools folder has apps that are related to general library use such as the catalogue, databases, RA tools and the OneClick app for down loadable audio titles. Folders The Tablet Tools folder contain useful apps that should be used before shutting down the tablet, this helps prolong the battery life and ensure security. This App can be used when helping Chinese speaking customers by translating an English sentence into Chinese. The google translate app can be used to break the language barrier when helping customers with English as a second language. e-Readers The Play Store. Check it out!
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