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Arnold zhang

No description

Arnold Zhang

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Arnold zhang

Christopher Paolini
Second book: Eldest
Third book: Brisingr
- Filled with filler, unnecessary text
4th book: Inheritance
- His story telling has vastly improved
About him
- Wrote the Inheritance Triology

First book: Eragon
- Inspired by many other books.

Arnold zhang
By: Book Report

-4 books
-published Eragon at age 19
-self published, very low sales
-caught attention of knopt, became a best seller
- Generic story plot
- Incredible setting with many different complex races and their own cultures.
-No real education in writing
- Very long, lot's of imagery.
- Many unique characters that makes you genuinely care for their safety
-Continuation of the first book
- Features a very intense battle with himself mentally
- Bitter betrayal
- Very similar writing style, not much has improved
stalling for 4th book
-Protagonist works towards resolving self conflict
- Writing skills were not improved over the years
- Less "filler" than previous books
- The antagonist is finally defeated
-Sneak peak into the aftermath, setting up for a 5th book
eragon coming to terms with himself, change in appearance, power
Moral dilemas
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