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Unit 2, Lesson 19

No description

erika steinger

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Unit 2, Lesson 19

Unit 2, Lesson 19
An allusion is an indirect reference to something historical, literary, religious/biblical, or mythical. Allusions can also be made to pop culture.
Why Writers Use It
Allusions can help people see unique connections between two ideas

By making a connection or providing a reference, allusions can help people to better understand something
Historical Allusion
Historical Allusion
Do Now
Get your Springboard book

Copy down the EQ and word of the day

Answer the following questions in your notebook:

In what ways might it be shocking for someone to visit New York City for the first time?
In what ways can New York City be comforting or offer familiarity?
Cultural Allusion
A reference to a culture or pop culture (music, current event, etc.)
Where Worlds Collide
Page 50 in your Springboard book
Biblical Allusion
A reference to the bible
Accountable Talk
Practice the accountable talk guidelines to discuss the do now question
When you are finished speaking, choose the next person to share
Don't raise your hand to speak next until the person has made it clear that he/she is finished
Literary Allusion
Reference to a literary work.
Thursday, October 23rd
Biblical Allusion
Since allusions are indirect, it is up to the reader to make the connection
stop and jot:
what is being alluded to?
Lady Gaga's "Judas"

"Even after three times, he betrays me"

stop and jot:
what is being alluded to?
A reference to a historical figure or event.
What is being alluded to?
Giacomo Casanova was an Italian adventurer and writer. He became so well known for his many affairs and romances that his name became synonymous with the word "womanizer"
Carrie Underwood's "Cowboy Casanova"
The movie "Casanova"

Evidence Explanation
(it says) (I say)
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