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strawberry shortcake

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Transgender

Transgender Time Lapse Video of Male to Female in 3 Years
What is a Transgender?
Miss Benefits
By: Erika Domagas Cohort 3
Sir Board of Consequences
High risk
for cancers, mental health problems, and chronic diseases, like heart disease.
Erika Domagas
Cohort 3
In my opinion i think that......
You were born with male parts but your mind says you're a female

You are a male now although you had female genitals when you were born.
Anyone for whom their gender identity, expression, or role that doesn't match up with the sex they were assigned at birth. Transgenders don't usually go through surgery unlike transsexuals.
People should learn to accept themselves and their body deal with flaws & perfections
Know the consequences beforehand if you get surgery
Think about how your decision will impact your future
much access to health insurance
Increase risk
for using alcohol and tobacco
Certain hormones
the body,
the liver,
blood pressure, and
You don't get a
cycle once you get a sex change (m to f)
Ethical Issues
Mr. Chung to Ms. Chung
Should any procedure be made to the body that doesn't treat an injury or heal or cure a disease?
Must a child be deny to undergo surgery before he/she reaches adolescence?
It is said to be an "umbrella" term referring to anyone who's behavior, thoughts, or traits differ from the social expectations for their sex. Groups in this category include, transvestites and drag queens.
Whether or not a transgender is allowed to donate blood.

Cross-dressers/transvestites are
comfortable with the gender they had at birth
but wear the clothes of the opposite sex for their own purposes.
In New York...
37% were
not hired

after interview
became homeless
due to gender expression
attempted suicide
Find a therapist


To help guide them in life
To confirm that they're transgender and from this they can refer them to surgeons or endocrinologists.
Get hormonal treatment
Replacement of hormones
Androgen for trans male
-Decrease body fat, deeper voice, development of body and facial hair, and increased in musculature
-Doesn't affect total height and the length of arms, legs, hands, and feet
Estrogen for trans female
-Growth of breast, redistribution of body fat, thinning of the skin
-Doesn't cause facial hair growth or voice change
Change gender or name legally

Change of gender

requires a letter from your psychologist or doctor
and for you to
follow your state/country's laws.
Change of name requires
around $200

but make sure to also
follow your state/country's laws.
Options they can do after transitioning:
Mister Hector to Miss Sabrina
75% in grades K-12
reported harassment
There are nearly 700,000 transgender individuals in the U.S., or 0.3% of the adult population
Pictures of actual transgenders were found on
A greater understanding of being a
:D (Hopefully)
You get to be who
want to be and know more about who you are.
If you wanted to know...
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