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Successful Application and Interview

No description

Jon Norden

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Successful Application and Interview

Impact of your teaching eg measurable progress
Experience of pastoral role - link with T&L
Involvement with extra-curricular, parents' evenings, mentoring, revision classes, etc
Check through job spec - essential, preferred, etc
Definitely not more than 2 sides
Letter of Application
Safer Recruitment issues
Placement schools
Previous employment
Additional information
Application Form
Knowledge of school - ethos, priorities, Ofsted report
Knowledge of role - Key Stages taught, spec taught, any specialisms, extra-curricular events
Understanding of current T&L issues - student progress, role of feedback, AfL model of teaching
Your teaching experience, so far (A-level)
Letter of Application
The Lesson

Find out details of class
Don't be too ambitious
Introduce yourself
Clear aims
Benchmark at start so progress can easily be shown by end
Quality questioning
Formative assessment
Alternative to e resources
Interview 1
The Student Panel

Don't patronise
Introduce yourself and find out names
Mix of approachability and showing you could control a class
Bullying question
Student Voice question
Off the wall question
Ask questions - not too many
Show knowledge of school
Interview 2
The Interview itself

What do you want to get across?
Why did you apply?
T&L questions
Child Protection
Assessment questions
Examples of impact
What will you bring that sets you apart?
Interview 3
Successful Application and Interview
Get short listed!
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