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Stray cats

A little slide about stray cays

Marissa Boland

on 4 June 2011

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Transcript of Stray cats

Forgotten Cats What if you were abandoned? Forgotten? Homeless? So many cats are forgotten Forgotten cats Forgotten cats is a great orginazation that helps to save stray cats and find them homes. Forgotten cats survives off of volenteers who are willing to take the time to help. There are many different areas to vollenteer in Forgotten cats such as trapping, working at the clinic, for younger ages (10-teen) fundraising, and more. Forgotten cats has a spots at different Pet-smart stores where you can go to see and adopt the cats there. You can also buy the cats at thiere adoption centers. There are many cats at these at Pet-smarts and all them are looking for a home. Forgotten cats does just like its name says, they help forgotten cats because it is the right thing to do. Life of a stray cat The life of a stray cat is hard and sad. The cat somehow ends up on the street sometimes because its old owners dont want he/she or dont feel like dealing with the cat. Also, sometimes the cats are abused because people find it fun, take out thier anger on the cat, and for other reasons. When these cats are on the street they have to search for food, shelter, and water. They must fight to survive. Cats sometimes die as a stray because they get hurt (run over by car), starve, freeze, and more. Forgotten cats helps these cats and with effort they have saved many cats. Forgotten cats needs people to come and adopt the cats so we can take in more and help more. By adopting the cats Forgotten Cats also gets money which can go towards the cause. We need to help these innocent animals. WHY HELP? So that things like this will stop happening.... So that cats wont have to live in places like this... Here are some of the cats... (by the time you see this these cats might be adopted allready) Cecil Hilda Lydia Lotus Naomi Pandora Elkie Churchill Here is a video of what life is like for some stray cats (made by Forgotten cats INC.) I know it is sad...but true for ALOT of cats...;( Why to like cats Lots of people do not like cats but I do not see why they do not. Cats are a friend allways, there when you need them, and love you forever. I have two cats as of now so I know. If you bond with a cat they grow closer to you. They wait at your door for you to come home. Lots of people say cats are boring but they are not. Cats LOVE to play. They chase fast, jump high, run as fast as a bullet (not litterly), climb up, and more. They love you, even if they dont show it at first. Even if they act like they are not interested in you, they love you and you probally just need to spend time with them. Cats are a lovable animal and more people need to relize that and stop judging them. By:Marissa Boland So don't just sit there DO something Join forgotten cats(you get link later) Adopt a rescued or forgotten cat And more.... Spread the word What will YOU do? Help us out! I now it is a bad drawing its hard to draw on computer...lol THANKs for watching! Have a nice day! Please help us cats! www.forgottencats.org
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