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Lex Wulle

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Born in Toronto, Canada. Lex Wulle-Diplacido Family I play football and lacrosse. Favorites Vocabulary, at the beginning. I guess I'm good at writing later on. Strengths in English I have a mom, a Step-dad, a younger Step-Brother,
and a younger Step-Sister. Goals To graduate high school, and go to college.
To score atleast 1 goal in lacrosse this season What would I do you if... Won a million dollars? I would probably put it in the bank, and take it out when i retire, since my money would probably triple, I would have 3 million. Music: Rap
Food: Rice
Color: Blue
Book: the Outsiders Activities Favorite Assignment Ever! My favorite assignment was an action sequence film in Video production. Proudest Moment My proudest moment would be when I First learned how to kick flip on a skateboard. Unique fact about me Is that i was born 1 month early (possibly explains why I'm Short).
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