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Should every automobile driver be required to take a new dri

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Ali Richter

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Should every automobile driver be required to take a new dri

Should automobile drivers be required to take a new driver's test every 5 years?
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The problem
On average, around 115 people die every day in the United States due to bad driving.
Reason 1
Reason 3
Wrecks can be prevented and lives can be saved. Retaking the test will only make the roads a safer place.

Taking a look from the other side
Some people might say that having to retake the test is a hassle to do and a hassle to keep up with.
In conclusion..
Unqualified drivers are the main cause of car wrecks. It would be in everyone's best interest to retake the test every 5 years.
By Ali Richter

The government should require people to retake their driving test every 5 years to keep bad drivers off the road.
Elderly people aren't very safe on the roads because they don't follow all the traffic laws.
They can be dangerous to other drivers due to slowing reflexes. To keep others safe, they should definitely retake the test AT LEAST every 5 years.
Reason 2
Everyone should retake the test every 5 years so it is non-discriminatory to the elderly.
This will ensure that all people are driving safely and abiding by the traffic laws.
It is not right that people only have to take the test one time when they are young, and then they are set for life.
People have to renew everything these days, so why not renew their license to operate a potentially deadly tool.
Although this is a somewhat valid point, hazardous drivers aren't going to voluntarily retake the test only to fail and get their license revoked.
This plan has one major goal, and that is to kick dangerous drivers off the roads!
The End
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