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Su Nottingham - Sex Education and Reproductive Health - Making it Real

Adrian College - Monroe ISD - January 21, 2013 Sex Education Workshop

Su Nottingham

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Su Nottingham - Sex Education and Reproductive Health - Making it Real

Usable classroom strategies that are student centered
Strategies that are adaptable to any content area
Original ideas that can be utilized and adapted to any content or age level
Help with comfort level are teachers & students
Which is most important for sex education?
A. Classroom Atmosphere
B. Teacher personality
C. Teaching methods
D. Knowledge of Content

What will you get?
A CD with the following:
The Michigan sex education law(s)
The Michigan Dept. of Education
(GLCE 4-8 & Michigan Merit Curriculum)
Description of each of the activities
Catalog of available materials from:
The Health Connection, Inc.
Interesting or
Important Topic for
Accomplish in the next 10 years.....
What you do for
Three Truths and a Lie
A. A man will not go bald if his testicles are removed before puberty.
B. The elephant has the largest testicle of all mammals.
C. In the human male, the left testicle usually hangs lower.
D. The human testicle has over 700 feet of tubules where sperm are produced.
Three Truths and a Lie
A. A female is born with all the eggs she will use in her life
B. About 50 sperm get to the egg, but only one can fertilize the egg.
C. A female can’t get pregnant until she starts to menstruate.
D. It is possible for a woman to get pregnant if she has sex during her period.
Three Good and One Bad Idea!
You are walking to school and a man you do not know follows you to the school yard.
A. Walk fast and get inside the school doors.
B. Turn around and ask him what he wants.
C. Tell a trusted grown-up when you get to school
D. Buddy up with a friend on the way to school...don’t walk alone.
Early puberty....Precocious Puberty
1 in 7 Caucasian girls starts to develop breasts or pubic hair by age 8
1 in 2 African American girls....
Average age of menarche (first menstruation) has fallen from 17 to 12.
Linked to Obesity (doubled since 1970’s)
Chemical Pollution in food.
sexualized messages in media could trigger changes in the brain that jumpstart early puberty
Hormones in Meat & Poultry
Puberty on the Wall
Show the card front to the group
Read the Back
Place it either on the Male or Female OR Middle (both)
If you don't know the answer...ask your group
Puberty on the Wall
Puberty on the Wall
Intro Cards
Su Nottingham
Central Michigan Univ.
Male Female Both
Take the cookie sheet
Place the Blue Titles at the top
Place the green tags (parts) under Titles
Male Female Both
Sperm Production Basics
Place the cards in order from beginning to end from ovulation.....menstruation

OR sperm production

HINT:Think full sentences ..... Starts with Capital letter....ends with a period.....
Spell It..& Yell It
Spell it and Yell It!Take out one color of cards
Place them letters facing up
Listen to the clue....and SPELL IT.
When your group is done----YELL IT!
This may occur in a boys sleep causing a release of sperm or semen. Not a “nocturnal emission” but a ____ _________.
Building on the letter “M”
Another name for “egg” is......?
Take out a second color
A baby will grow in this part of a woman’s body?
The male sex cell.....?
find a partner..make two circles....
one person facing out...
partner facing in.....
After Puberty Health & Hygiene - Match it!
Lay the cards on the table ...word side up
Find a statement, at an answer
MATCH the stickers on the back = self check
After Puberty Health & Hygiene
Systems Grab Bag
Inside each bag are several items
all links or hint about reproductive systems
on a piece of paper write what the items is in reality...
next to that write what the item symbolizes

EXAMPLE: Egg Carton..................Ovaries
Systems Grab Bag
Step ONE: Take the TOP topic card
Step TWO: discuss what you already KNOW about this
Step THREE: Send your teams to get their ANSWER CARDS
Answer Cards are color coded (see back)
When group decides they have their answers...... send your SUSHI CHEF to the SUSHI bar
Use CHOPSTICKS to pick up same color/title card
Place on PLATE and take back to group
Open & Read and Correct the answers
Something U Should Have Investigated
SET UP - Select within your group:
Runner # 1 for Description & Picture card (2)
Runner # 2 for Symptom cards (3)
Runner # 3 for Causes & Risk Factor cards (2)
Runner # 4 for Diagnosis & Treatment + Prevention cards (2)
Planner(s) - Reads Cards for verification - organizes
Sushi Chef - To go to the SUSHI Bar & Read answers to group
Topic What you Know Runners SUSHI Bar

Values Walkaround
HOLD the statement in front of you
MOVE about the room reading other people’s statements.
TAKE another person’s statement if you like it better than the one you have
YOU MUST EXCHANGE...if someone wants your statement
TRY TO GET a statement you support!
Each person get on
A Great Catch
Each person gets one of each:
Tackle Box
Put the blue cards in a "pond"
Take turns "catching" a characteristic
Discuss with group
Place it on the Orange card
Lay the blocks out..
Select the top 4...most important characteristics
build a base...words facing out
build the tower....overlapping edges...
How Does Your Relationship Stack Up?
Mystery Activity:
each person takes a card (don't look at it)
place it facing out on your forehead
ask a neighbor if it is right side up.....
Your job is to figure out the answer to your “hidden” question.
Move around the room, have people read your card,
They will advise you if your statement is TRUE or FALSE
You will have to guess the answer based on their opinions.....
Secret Named Activity
asking for what you want directly
giving people an honest “no” to things you don’t want
Not using people
Not letting yourself be used either
I’m OK & You’re OK
a Win Win
taking what you want
threatening of forcing
saying “no” in a way that puts the other person down
pushes people away or makes them afraid
may violate the other person’s rights
I'm OK - You're Not OK
not speaking up when you’d like something
giving in and saying “yes” when you don’t really want to
does this to be liked or to not hurt the other person
denies their feelings as important
I'm not OK - You're OK
can be used if relationship isn’t important
getting what you want in a dishonest way
doing something so they’ll give you what you want
“I’m tricky...you need to be fooled”
Assertive Communication
The activity:
There is a situation...and four reaction cards
distribute the cards to the group
someone read the situation...one strip for each of the types of communication
Changes of Parenthood!
Find the Title Cards:
Choose a reader
Place the characteristics under the title card
Choose the 3 best things about parenting
Choose the 3 most difficult things about parenting
Pregnancy Stand Up
Fact # 1:
if a person has sex once a month
a pregnancy will occur in one year.

Fact # 2:
If a person has sex twice a month, a pregnancy will occur in six months

Fact # 3:
pregnancy might occur the first time

Fact # 4:
pregnancy rarely occurs without intercourse

Fact # 5:
using birth control EVERY TIME
lowers the chance of pregnancy

For this exercise:
assume everyone is having sex that could case a pregnancy.
Using the number of the month of your birth (Dec. = 12)
when your month in drawn...stand up YOU ARE PREGNANT (or caused)
There are things to help protect...
# 1: Abstain from intercourse
# 2: Decide to postpone until:
the relationship is ready,
both people what to have sex,
protection is available or
pregnancy is desired.
# 3: Use Birth Control EVERY TIME!

This time:Stand up when your number is drawn
Remain standing if you are “pregnant”
(depending on what you chose to do)

Do The Laws REALLY Apply to ME?
Has to connect to their lives!
Find a long & short
Situation & LAW
Step up to Prenatal Care
As the characteristic is read...
Step forward if it is POSITIVE
Step backward if it is NEGATIVE
Puberty Olympics

Groups of THREE
Find: Word, pronunciation & definition
Come to the "JUDGE" and read cards
Stack correct answers...go for more!
Puberty Olympics
Place the candy on the top of the pipe cleaners
One person selects an egg - read to group
If it is a risk of pregnancy that person pulls a pipe-cleaner
If a candy drops....You’re PREGNANT!
Kerplunk...You're Pregnant
A Roll of the DIE
Roll The Die or Physical ....share with group
Write your experience on the paper
Now roll for each category ....individually...
Thank You
Su Nottingham
or notti1s@cmich.edu
The Health connection, Inc.
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