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Little Sandra Timeline

No description

John Miller

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Little Sandra Timeline

Lil Sandra Timeline
Im born!
First little steps:)
My first little steps was when I was 4 months.I was with my family and grandparents in Mexico.
First word! YAY
My first word was mommy and I was 1 years old. I was with my mom in the living waching tv and I said mommy.
Reading Day YAY!
I learned how to read in first grade.I kinda new some words when I was reading but after school I would practice with my family and every time I tried to say a word that I did not know I would laugh so hard.
First Day of School
My first day of school was when I was 5 years old.I felt like I was being watched from a window near by.
I lost my tooth!
Sis and bro
My sis was born on 9-12-99 and my brother was born on 1-20-96.It was amazing people.
I was born on october 2, 2006 .I was supposed to be born on 10-1-06.
I lost my tooth when i was 5 years old.I was eating in the kichen with my family. i bit a carrot and my tooth almost got suck in the carrot.
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