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Ciara Brown

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Jessica and I loved talking with each other and playing with the other siblings in the household.
Just imagine there is someone younger than you out there somewhere in this world, taking on the same challenges and responsibilities.
Jessica and I may seem to have similar likes and dislikes, but somethings are different in our daily lives
Other children like Jessica struggle with financial problems and other family problems, but what kept them strong is the chance at learning and being taught many different things.
Imagine, being suck and the only way for your dreams to come true is education!
"Me, Myself and Jessica : Two Girl's Journey to School"
Hi there! My name is Ciara Brown and I want to take you on my journey out of the country to Guatemala, with in my two weeks there, but first let share on how I became a Wandering Scholar!

A Wandering Scholar
How I got to Guatemala!
The Wandering Scholar is a program that helps students in low income families, to explore outside the country and to help find themselves on their journey to a new world!

Two Strangers Become Sisters
Within the two weeks I gain a sister relationship with a little girl younger than me. In the time I spent with her, it felt as if we were the same person. However, our struggles and challenges were a little different.
Every morning- for school I would wake up around 6:30 am to get ready and eat breakfast.Usually when I get home I do my homework first, then clean up after dinner- which dinner is something different every night.

Even our life's schedule being different, we both struggle with a lot of challenges to face, but the biggest struggle I had seen during my two weeks there- EDUCATION.
Money into Pencils
After my trip, I had help from my mentors and I did some research on programs called Pencils of Promise hat help children in other countries getting the supplies they need to stay in school.
I Need Your Help!
With all the research and my two-weeks in Guatemala, I want to help Jessica and the other children that experiences the same struggle.
Join the Facebook Group!
"Day in The Life"
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