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Mobile Technology in Healthcare

No description

Jennifer Jordan

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Technology in Healthcare

Mobile Technology in Healthcare
Data Collection & Disease Surveillance
Availability of data
Identification of disease patterns and locations
Helps limit spread of disease
May help influence public policy
Financial Implications
Saves time and money, which increases productivity and profits.
Chronic Disease Management
Remote Monitoring Devices:
Cardiopulmonary diseases
Weight Management
Patient Compliance

Software Companies
Mobile Device Companies
IT and Client Support
Physicians have more time to treat patients
Relieves administrative burden
Reduces costly errors
What is mobile health technology?
Benefits of Using Mobile Technology
Chronic Disease Management
Data Collection & Disease Surveillance
Stream-lined care
Reduction of errors
Better Health Outcomes
In Developed Countries
Rural areas can easily communicate with urban areas
Reduces the need for patients to travel far for routine care
In Developing Countries
Mobile phone calls
Text messaging
Travel time savings = more time spent with patients
Overcoming Challenges
Privacy & Security
Lack of Reimbursment means lack of interest by providers
FDA Regulations
Research, Educate, Advocate
More research is needed
Educate the public and healthcare providers
Advocacy groups and philanthropic organizations

Barcode scanners
Text messaging
Access for patients
Access for practitioners
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