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becoming fiji water

No description

Ayanna Maddox-Semper

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of becoming fiji water

I can expand my work experience by taking small jobs along the way. By having a broader spectrum of experience it can expand my skill set which would look good to future employers.
How I Will Be Fiji Water
I can expand my horizons by meeting new people in the industry where I would like to be and understand how it works before. Having good friends around you that will support me and help me through school. To be fiji water I will have to exceed at everything I do in school.
What I can do now
As of now I can join clubs and teams also participate in Charity events at my own school. But along the way when I do Dual Enrollment, I'll do a vocational classes like Beauty or food management. So when I leave High School I can have my licence and I can make money on the side to support myself and make employers want me in their postions more.
becoming fiji water
Expanding my skill set through work experience.
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