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Blackfoot Prezi


Julia kurylyk

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Blackfoot Prezi

The Blackfoot Tribe mainly Ate buffalo until the European settlers came and showed them farming. They also grew tobacco for ceremonies. The Blackfoot lived in Northern Saskatchewan, Alberta, Cypress hills, Montana.
They got the name blackfoot from the European settlers because of their black mocassins. They spoke the language Bloods, Peigan(piikuni), Siksika The Blackfoot believe that their teachings and traditional ways from iits-tsi-pah-ta-pii-op - the Source of Life. The way the choose a chief is with a band circle or camp circle organization This is the Blackfoot tribe's Holy woman The Blackfoot's summary of creation of belief was that Napi created the world and them. Then one day after he was done he just disappeared into the mountains. Economic system of the Blackfoot was that they were nomads. They lived in tipees that were made out of buffalo hide. They had one natural resources which was water. By: Julia and Tynesha Blackfoot
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