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Vocabulary List 2

Explore your newest vocabulary words with this interactive slide show.

Ben Fehlner

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Vocabulary List 2

Vocabulary List #1 Endeavor v. - to try hard Plummet v. - to fall quickly
straight down Hoist v. - to lift with a pulley Methodically adv. - with great attention to detail Flank n. - the side of an animal Successor n. - a person who follows someone else in a job Utter adj. - absolute; unconditional Diminish v. - to make smaller Jut v. - to stick out Ponder v. - to think about something Cluster n. - a group of something Vague adj. - unclear Strewn adj. - spread around in small pieces Lurk v. - to hang around or wait Egress n. - an exit or way out Convoluted adj. - unnecessarily complex Turbulent adj. - violently stirred or mixed up Immense adj. - huge Jumbled adj. - mixed up Glimpse n. - a peek; a brief look
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