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Kaplan Leadership Program - LaGuardia

No description

Rhoda Tamakloe

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Kaplan Leadership Program - LaGuardia

Kaplan Leadership Program
KLP Scholar Timeline
Program Services
Academic Support
Leadership Development
Financial Support
KLP Scholars
24 Women, 24 Men
Ages 18 - 34
8 with Children
US Citizens, Recent Immigrants, Children of Immigrants
>3/4 are 1st Generation College Students
98% Pell Eligible
Native speakers, ESL, Honors English
Fast Facts
Senior Colleges & Universities Attended
American University
Amherst College *
Bard College
Beloit College
Brown University*
Cornell University
Clark University*
Emerson College
George Washington U
Goucher College
Harvard University (Grad)
Hunter College (Grad)
What's in our application?

The Kaplan Leadership Program helps underrepresented, low-income students of exceptional merit transfer from associate’s degree programs to top four-year colleges, while preparing them to succeed academically and assume leadership roles in their professions and communities.
Short -Answer
(no essay!)
Nomination Form

May 13, 2014
Go to our website and start an application!
Dream Big.
Kaplan Leadership Program
100% On-line
Foundation Background
Kaplan Educational Foundation
Established in 2006 by Kaplan Inc., a leading provider of educational career services to students, schools, professionals and business worldwide
The Kaplan Leadership Program is the Foundation's first initiative
To date there are 7 Cohorts of Kaplan Scholars
Associate's Degree
Year One
Initial Assessment & Advisement
Tutoring: Skills Development
Transfer Search & Application
Leadership Skills Development
Summer Internships
Bachelor's Degree
Year Two
Transition to 4-year college
Continued advisement and coaching
Academic Leadership
Leadership Development (cont'd)
Summer internships / Study Abroad
Graduation Confirmation
Post-Graduation Leadership Plan
Grad School Admissions Support
Graduate Admissions Test Prep
Bachelor's Degree
Year Three
KLP Alumni Association
KLP Scholar Mentoring
Bachelor's Degree
Year Four & Beyond
* - Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
** - Must be a current recipient of state or federal financial aid

Lawrence University*
Morehouse College
Mount Holyoke College*
Occidental College
Smith College*
Spelman College
Stanford University*
Syracuse University*
Tufts University*
University of Rochester*

*$30k+/yr financial aid
Academic Advising
TOEFL and SAT/ACT prep
Incremental academic tutoring
Subject matter tutoring
Transfer admissions advising
Preparation for transfer
Career counseling
Life skills development
Peer support/Cohort-building
Leadership Training
Financial Education/Literacy
Cultural Enrichment
Reading circles
Up to $3,000/year to finish Associate's Degree
Up to $10,000/year to finish Bachelor's Degree
Living Stipend
Textbook voucher
Monthly Metrocard
Cost of transfer (for up to 10 schools)
Transportation to & from 4-year school
Eligibility Requirements
Enrollment in an accredited associate's degree program in the NYC Area
Minimum GPA of 3.5
(formerly 3.3)
Completion of 24 - 30 Credits by end of Spring 2014
US Citizen or Permanent Resident
Be Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, or Native American
Proven record of consistent academic excellence
Personal commitment to self-development and leadership
Desire to transfer to Bachelor's program immediately upon completion of Associate's degree
LaGuardia - KLP Scholars
Anastasia Morton
KLP Cohort 3
LaGuardia '09
Mount Holyoke College '12
Academic Support
Financial Support

Jonathan Chavez
KLP Cohort 4
LaGuardia '10
Bard College '12
Kaire Colwell
KLP Cohort 4
LaGuardia '10
Morehouse College '14
Luis Feliz
KLP Cohort 3
LaGuardia '09
Amherst College '12
Aaron Hudson
KLP Cohort 2
LaGuardia '08
Syracuse University '11
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