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Scope Magazine: Buried Alive

No description

hailey king

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Scope Magazine: Buried Alive

Going Skiing Avalanche School A Dying Man Future Ghost showed him?... Charles Dickens when you go skiing, you need to be prepared before you leave the house. You need to have atleast a shovel and a tracking device for if you end up getting buried if an avalanche happens. Avalanche School teaches people how to recognize warning signs. The signs can be very obvious as dangerous conditions. There can be warning signs, but many people avoid the signs and sometimes thats how they die. When you have been on the slope before, you shouldn't think it is ok to get on it. you should pay attention to the warning signs. In the future, it showed him at his funeral, and he died at a young age. He had alot of money, and a cheap funeral. nightmare when he was young.
he would wander the streets of London
died in 1870
remained a faithful champion until his last breath by Hailey King Buried Alive When Stroud was under the snow,when his friend, Repetto, was looking for him, Stroud could've died if Repetto got there 1 minute late. It only takes 30 minutes for a person to die under the snow. the snow had competely covered Stroud that he could not even open his eyes Warning Signs:
alot of fresh snow
high winds
weather changes
steep slopes equipment:
skiing poles
tracking device(beacons)
A Christmas Carol A guy named Ebenezer Scrooge did not like Christmas at all. When he goes to bed, he has ghosts that come to him, the past ghost, present day ghost, and the future ghost. They brought him to each place and when he got to the future, he wanted to change it.
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