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The Intersection of Social Media & Contact Centres

Social Media Presentation - Nygel Weishar - COPYRIGHT

Nygel Weishar

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of The Intersection of Social Media & Contact Centres

Customer Support

Social Media
Social Media
Contact Centres
Social Media
Web sites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.
The '90s
The New Millennium
The Evolution of
By the looks of it...
...social is here to STAY
Social media use has increased 356% in the US since 2006
91% of online adults use social media regularly
Every minute of the day:
100,000 tweets are sent
684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
3,600 photos are shared on Instagram
Conversations involve two parties
Topics, ideas, and opinions are private
Similar to having a face to face conversation
Many examples:
Text Message
Social Conversations
...why they matter
Society is now digital
Social media acts as the virtual dinner table
Preferences opinions, feelings
Digital Word of Mouth
Whether we like it or not, conversations are happening
Without intervention, we expose our brands to risk:
Negative public relations
Misrepresented information
A one-sided story
showcase superior client interactions to the public
Social engagement has become...
...a necessity
*Source: http://www.thesocialskinny.com - Sept/2012
Social Situations
Encourage Leaders
Not all users are created equal.
Users Grow, Connect, and Share.
Increased Connections = Larger Audience.
Large audiences provide the potential to reach thousands (sometimes millions).
Target/leverage the voice of influential users to promote your brand.
Aggregated Opinions
= Customer Insights
User Analysis
Reach / Impact
Understand the size of the audience that received messages regarding any given topic.
Similar to a Nielson Television Rating.
1.2 Tweets Per User
Similar to many real life social scenarios, certain users influence the larger group more then others.
Understand Scotiabank's influence, and identify far reaching advocates of the brand.
Text Analytics
Text analytic tools consolidate thousands of conversations.
Allows us to understand what the majority of people are talking about with little/no effort.
Can identify what messages resonate with Scotiabank clients/prospects.
Instantly understand the tone of the conversations taking place.
Uncover what people love/hate about our (and our competitors) products/services.
Social Media Report
Trending/Share of Voice
Compile complaints, praises, opinions, etc. to understand market in real time.
Aggregate all social media, not only Twitter/Facebook.
By digging into (public) user information, a wealth of demographic information can be uncovered.
Information such as Gender, Language, Location, Age, Etc. can all be gathered.
Why do we need
Contact Centres?
Consolidate customer interactions
Efficiency through centralization
Resources are easier managed
Provide customers service convenience
Well established practices and standards
The Call Centre...
...is DEAD
Customer contact preferences are changing
Phone | Email | Click-to-Chat | SMS
Contact centers are evolving
Multiple channels per customer
Contact Centres
are a Natural Progression
Experts when interacting in non face-to-face situations
Systems are set up for speed and customer centricity
Centralizing channels promotes a unified image
Contact Centres exist to engage the customer
The Social
Contact Centre
Social media users need service
Contact Centre reps have existing product/service expertise
Trained in exhibiting empathy in non face-to-face exchanges
Potential to combine Social Media and Call Centre data
Further follows principle of consolidating customer engagement
Drives inter-organizational collaboration
Process Overview
Engagement Examples
Data Use Cases
Scan > Triage > Respond
Strive to always add value.
Same level of function as a phone rep.
Private information is kept private.
Comprehensive Search
Searches capture 99% of all conversations mentioning any Canadian FI.
Pro-active identification of potential threats/opportunities.
Automated categorization of sub-topics.
Engagement Triage
*Display model only
Team process held constant via electronically shared "Social Media Triage Trees".
Tailored approach per channel and individual level of publicity/risk.
Response database ensures message tone/delivery to be consistent across agents.
Manage Publicity
Effort to always:
Respond publicly
Migrate to private channel
Protect privacy
Demonstrate successful outcomes publicly
Learn from customer feedback
Core Mandates
Simple Interaction Examples
Feedback Loop Example
Thanks so much for the follow. We're sorry to hear about your experience and we'd really like to find out what happened. Could you provide us with some details on your experience? If you'd prefer you can also email us directly at scotiahelps@scotiabank.com Thank you.
Negative experience involving a pre-approved LOC.
Initial advisor was let go during interaction.
New advisor was not accommodating from the client's perspective.
Clients told they would not receive the amount they were initially approved for.
ScotiaHelps team contacted branch Mgr. of Personal Banking and relayed information.
Responded to initial email informing the clients that their concern had been escalated.
Refinanced client mortgage and provided line of credit.
Cross-sold Visa & Mortgage Life Insurance.
Clients left happy and are looking to transfer investments in the near future.
Without ScotiaHelps, branch may never have known of the issue.
Projection Example
Outlined experience for selecting a new bank.
Gave kudos to the ScotiaHelps team for the service and implied it was social media that kept him as a customer.
Social media is a necessary component to business.
Business Line
Social Media Report
Social Media Report
Social Media Report
-Business Insights/Improvements Reporting
-Scotiabank Brand Reporting
Page 10
Page 7
Page 7
Monthly/Quarterly Reporting
American Express Launch
Purchase of ING-Direct
Keep pulse on brand sentiment/engagement
Know where the users are that talk about you
Understand positive/negative conversation drivers
Stay informed of competitor performance
Consolidate product/service feedback to improve offerings
Understand initial reception at launch
Tailor communications to feedback received
All possible as well
with competitors
Real time comprehension of reactions to announcements
React instantly to negative reception of failed campaign/communication/disaster
Adjust corporate messaging proactively
Used as a real time barometer of public opinion
Social Media is a disruptive communication technology that can benefit customers and businesses
Thank You
Contact Info:
Build strong processes and begin adding value to social customers
Start monitoring Social Media data in the Contact Centre
Key Messages:
Major disruption in communications
Conversations involve many parties
Opinions are PUBLIC
Many examples:
Social Media!
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