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A presentation to prepare students for the Ontario Secondary Schools Literacy Test (the OSSLT as the EQAO calls it)

David Lomax

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of OSSLT Prep

OSSLT Preparation Why us? Why bother? What's on the test? General Preparation Reading Writing Informational Graphical Literary Opinion essay
News report
Short answers
Weird stuff Any kind of reading that gives you information.
To prepare for this, read textbooks, newspapers and magazines You can't graduate without it. Employers, colleges and universities respect those who pass it the first time around Literacy skills are important in almost every area of life. You'll get the day off next year if you pass this year... We've been watching this test for twelve years now. Our last school improved almost every single year... Bus schedules, maps, graphs, flyers, diagrams, etc. This means stories, poems, and plays.
Mostly what we see are very tiny narratives involving teenagers talking about or experiencing some routine or scary event -- going camping, getting a job, dealing with a problem at school, etc. Some reading hints:
No scavenger hunting
Beware of low-hanging fruit and watch out for trick answers
When they say "What is the purpose of..." this is not same same thing as asking about meaning
When they ask you to provide a reason for your answer, use the word "because." When they ask you to provide a supporting detail, use the words "for example." They ask questions on topics that they think will be of interest to teenagers:
cell phones
importance of current events
They say to write a minimum of three paragraphs; we say write five:
very short introduction
very short conclusion Important features of a news report
answers the questions who, what, where, when first
later answers how and why questions
may include a quotation
short paragraphs -- one sentence
opening paragraph (lede) echoes the information in the headline
closing paragraph contains a look to the future These usually take the form of short paragraphs. Use the SEEC format:
Statement -- clear and concise
Example -- a definite strong example
Explanation -- giving further detail about the example
Conclusion -- echoing the first sentence The day before
The morning of the test
When you get here
When you write the test Review the booklet.
Get a good night's sleep.
Set an alarm. Eat breakfast.
Get here early. Use the washroom..
Go to your assigned room.
Envision success Flip through the whole booklet first.
Watch the clock and pace yourself.
Read the whole selection before answering
the questions.
Use a highlighter when you read.
Don't leave blanks! by the Lomaxes Last year, Pearson got its best score ever
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