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Timur's Accomplishments

No description

Abigail Penaran

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Timur's Accomplishments

Timur's Accomplishments
Getting to know Timur
-Timur the Lame claimed that he was a descended from the Mongol conqueror,Genghis khan( although historians doubt the truth of his claim).
-Timur was a ferocious guy like Genghis Khan.
Timur the Lame
-The rise of the Ottoman was briefly interrupted in the 1400's by a rebellious warrior.
-Conquered from Samarkand in central Asia
- Full name was Timur-i-Lang
What he conquered
-Timur conquered Russia and Persia, burned the powerful city of Baghdad
- In 1398, he swept through Northern India leaving distruction.
- He crushed the Ottoman forces at the battle of Ankara in 1402.
Rest in Peace Timur the Lame
-Timur died 3 days later on his way to conquer China.
- His body was returned to Samarkand, where burried in a magnificent tomb.
- The tomb remains a glorious sight today
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