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Noahs Ark Finding truth

No description

Alex Senior

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Noahs Ark Finding truth

The historical truths were that the flood actually happened this was stated in the documentary
Rain also cased the flood but the springs could not have erupted because it would have made the earth a bog. Historical Truth The main religious truths were that Noah was the only blameless person in the world which is impossible because he would have been blamed at one stage. All of the numbers that are used are religious and holy numbers.
the wood that Noah made the ark with would have made the boat sink Religious truth The symbols are that he is 600 years old meaning you are never to old to do stuff and when the flood is finished a rainbow showed in the cloud this is showing that God cares about Noah and wants everyone else to start behaving like Noah Symbolic Truth The only proverbial truth with in the Proverbial Truth
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