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To Raise or Not to Raise? (Titanic)

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Jade Lu

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of To Raise or Not to Raise? (Titanic)

Should we raise the Titanic???
Bringing up the Titanic would cost way too much money
Raising the Titanic would not be a
wise idea due to extreme financial
and medical costs. Why is this so?
Well, money is something that
decides many things. Including
raising the Titanic...
Due to how low the ship is to the bottom of the sea, it will take a whole bunch of money and materials to bring the mighty ship back up. Just by bringing the ship up you would still need the money to transfer it to a place to sell it or in a museum.
If someone got hurt!
The medical bills would go straight through the roof!
The average funeral costs about 6,600 dollars. To even set a cemetery service to help bury the bodies would add an additional 3,000.
The best option would be to not raise the Titanic
The Titanic artifacts are highly sought after. You could make lots of money from bring the artifacts up but if you brought the whole ship up then the artifacts would most likely break. What money could you make from brocken pieces?
In conclusion...
The Titanic should be left at the bottom of the ocean. It should be left there because if all the lives we may risk and the money lost. The cost of bringing it up would substantially break the bank. Maybe we could just bring people down there in a submarine for sightseeing and ask them to pay to see.
If you do raise it...
You can earn lots of money and fame for bringing it up! So? You would also lose money trying to bring it up. Maybe even someone's life!





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