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Medium, Audience, Message: Rhetorical Thinking

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Alex Watkins

on 19 September 2017

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Transcript of Medium, Audience, Message: Rhetorical Thinking

Medium, Audience, Message: Rhetorical Thinking
Rhetoric and Rhetorical Analysis
Rhetoric is the act of using speech persuasively. When you craft your project 3 argument, you are acting as a rhetorician, which means that you are constructing an audience and selecting details and evidence tailored to convincing the audience that your thesis is true.

Rhetorical analysis is the act of unraveling this process in someone else's text, or in your own. It can involve drawing the parallels between a text and its context.
Oxford English Dictionary: "an agency or means of doing something"

Medium, rhetorically speaking, is the vehicle through which a message is conveyed, e.g. website, infographic, essay. The medium of a text drastically affects its impact. The rhetorician chooses his/her medium to reach the intended audience and to have the intended effect.

The message is the underlying meaning or purpose behind the text. In project 3, your thesis is the message of your paper. A text can also have unintentional/subversive messages, as is commonly seen in advertising.
The audience is the specific public to which a text is directed. Rarely (never) does a rhetorician address "everyone" equally. The audience is the ultimate arbiter for a successful rhetorician because it will usually determine what choices the writer makes.

All messages' impacts are determined collectively by the unified effect of the audience awareness and medium choice (intended or not) of the writer.
What medium works best for:
18 year old college students?

85 year old retirees?

35 year old women?

22 year old men looking to purchase a gun?

Who is the audience for this website?
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