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But I am Your Voice

by Whitedove www.whitedovesnest.com

White Dove

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of But I am Your Voice

By Whitedove But I am
Your Voice I know you are probably crying Alone, not knowing What to do Having no one to turn to and not understanding What is happening Confused,
Lost, Unknown
and unseen . curled away and forgotten, The darkness of the room Alone... looking out the window with no hope in sight ..... Listening, praying...

but no God there to help in the slightest way or a glimmer of hope to be stolen at any moment looking at his sick face daily .. seeing the disgust, being touched daily Living with evil .... a nightmare at every
turn I know you don't know me ...... and would not acknowledge me in the crowd But I am your voice , Where you will be once he is gone
Be strong, tonight may be dark and the footsteps loud but he can never destroy you for I am here waiting your future self writing tales of the horror you endured Feel safe knowing I am here Keeping you kind Getting you help and holding you as you cry.. www.whitedovesnest.com
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