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My trip around ze world

No description

Evie Yo-Yo

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of My trip around ze world

Day 1: Airport Day 2: Universal Studios Day 3: Gardens by The Bay Day 4: Singapore zoo and Night Safari Day 5: Shopping Spree at Parkway Mall! Day 6: Sentosa Day 7: Relaxing and packing Day 8: Off we go! Day 9: Ancient Greece Day 10: Exploring Greece Day 11: Food Exploration Day 12: Market Mayhem! Day 13: Relaxing/packing! Day 14: Next Destination! Day 15: Eiffel Tower Day 16: Museum Madness! Day 17: Food Fantasy! Day 18: Beach day! Day 19: What next?! Day 20: Big Ben! Day 21: Buckingham Palace!
Ohh... Day 22: Shoppin' Day 23: London Bridge!
(isn't falling down!)
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