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Ronnie Radke

No description

Shelby Martin

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Ronnie Radke

falling in reverse is a american post-hardcore band formed in 2006, signed to epitaph records. this band is led by lead singer Ronnie radke, along with guitarist Jacky Vincent,drummer Ryan seaman,rhythm guitarist Derek Jones, and bassist Ron ficarro. they released their debut album, the drug in me is you, on July 26,2011,which peaked at number 19 on the billboard 200, selling 18,000 copies in the first week. their second studio album, fashionably late, was released on June 18,2013, which peaked #17 ON THE BILLBOARD 200.

ronnie radke
Ronnie's life
Ronnie learned to play piano and guitar in his first bands. at first he stared out playing blink 182 songs on guitar. he formed several bands while in high school. Ronnie ran away from home to play in his first band with his friend Mitch called 3.0. He lived with Mitch and his mother for a period of time. after the band Ronnie moved back with his father and re-entered school then dropped out again.
how Ronnie's music started
Escape The Fate
falling in reverse
Ronald Joesph Radke was born on December 15, 1983, in las Vegas, Nevada. he grew up in an impoverished family , with his father, older brother Anthony and his grandmother. Radkes mother abandoned the family for unknown reasons. Ronnie's mother was unknown in till November 3, 2013 when she showed up to one of Radkes shows. but Sadly Radkes brother Anthony died in a car crash on August,10, 2013.
Ronnie Radkes real name is Ronald Joseph Radke . He is engaged to an american model Crissy Henderson. Radke and Henderson's first child willow grace Radke was born on
June 11,2013.
escape the fate is an american post-hardcore band from las Vegas,Nevada formed by ronnie radke in 2005. escape the fate was another one of radke's band. but Ronnie was kicked out of this band because he did drugs ans because he went to prison. they released three eps and four full length studio albums. dying is your lasted fashion was the bands debut album and only album to feature vocalist Ronnie radke. two of escape the fates most popular songs are situation and not good enough for the truth.
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