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IES ITACA. Implementing key competencies

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on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of IES ITACA. Implementing key competencies

Proyecto educativo School organization basada en el trabajo cooperativo
de alumnado y profesorado abierta cómo trabajamos contamos con la comunidad y los estudiantes salen teatro romper la rigidez de espacios y tiempos abriendo horizontes
a otros aprendizajes música escuela I.E.S. ÍTACA

IMPLEMENTING KEY COMPETENCIES creatividad autonomía participación en programas y proyectos internacionales actuación pedagógica for education, because: correo electrónico de alumnado y profesorado página web sites redes sociales PLE alumnado google docs no textbooks classroom libraries laptops and INTERNET PROFESOR guía y orienta el trabajan los
alumnos web 2.0
audios interviews presentations writing
newspapers theater radio en clase y los grandes artistas...
en el teatro en clase ...o en el
maestranza Formación del profesorado en el centro
classroom management Photography and art "La hora más joven" Proyecto "Diseña
un parque" several subjects working on the same issue
curricular contens
final product
based on Key Competencies make cooperative work easier
useful for teachers and students
accesible from everywhere in everytime
editing and viewing different permission we are in the web "Adopta un músico" Inteligencia creativa:
proponer iniciativas innovadoras ante problemas reales En todas
las materias OPEN
SCHOOL relying on partnership outdoor activities breaking the timetables and spaces inflexibility taking part in international
activities and programs theater music in every subject creative intelligence:
proposing innovative solutions
to face real problems pedagogical criteria based on cooperative work of students an teachers teacher assesses
and guides work made by
the students trabajan en grupos working
in groups teachers training activities in the school projects based learning radio designing a park music with the philarmonic orchestra cross-curricular learning Methodology and assessment department
Innovation and teacher training department
International projects department
Out-of-school activities department Organización del centro the way we work y finalmente... Gracias por su atención Thank you for your attention carmen.lazaro@iesitaca.org
www.iesitaca.org research-based learning arte tareas integradas all the teachers
in the same
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